HMC #17 Star Wars SteamPunk - Yoda



now you mention it they are indeed boots. Sorry but didn’t notice it until i looked closer. So maybe add something more shoo-like. Or just make him bare-footed.



I added some of his accessories.

Thanks for the critiques. I changed the color on the boots and tried to make the details more visible. I still want to make a better looking sole though so they read better as boots. I tweaked the hands too and added the sleeves so I think that looks better now.

Tomorrow I will add some detail to the badges.

to do:
Detail badges
Detail the saber/sheath and add straps
Color the skin and face better
Decorate the hat more
Make monocle and pipe


Feet are looking better.
And the sole is exact what needs to be changed. I think if you make the top edge and the bottom adge of the sole hard, then you got it. Now it looks too soft and rounded to be a hard rubber sole.



Thanks for the quick “how to” on the shoes. I really appreciate it.


I repainted his skin and did a little more sculpting, also decked out his hat a bit, made the monocle and pipe. I plan to detail the pipe.

I want to add little details all around to make him look more complete, but time is running out.


I’m lovin’ it man. Really sweet clothing and it’s pretty consistent over all. Still 10 days left, I wouldnt say time is running out :stuck_out_tongue:


given you have extra time will you add snazzy rendering effects(i.e smoke from the pipe, glow on the lightsaber)


Thanks for the comments DDS.

BenDstraw, I would like to add those effects if I have time. I’d use Maya and I am not very familiar with how to do that stuff. I haven’t done a lot of stuff with Maya shaders either.

I will put everything together in zbrush first. Then if I have time I will port it to Maya, probably using normal maps, and see if I can get a good looking renders.

If I don’t have time or can’t get satisfactory results with Maya because of my learning curve, I will just photoshop in some smoke and glow on zbrush renders for the final beauty images.


i’ve seen smoke achieved in zbrush before. possibly you could composite smoke from zbrush into the beauty render.

anyways good luck can’t wait to see the final output!:cool:


I have to work a lot this weekend and won’t get any time on monday before deadline, but I think I will be able to get this finished by Sunday night…

Here is where he stands, some basic posing done.

I need to detail the sheath and then get it posed in with him holding it like the drawing, then I’ll make the strap for it.

I also want to make a pedestal/base thing for him with some ground for him to be stepping onto so the pose looks right.

If I have time after that I will make the folds in the coat look a bit better for the pose he’s now in and a few other minor tweaks.

I doubt I will be able to get into figuring out how to render smoke in zbrush at this point but I will likely composite some in for the final beauty images.

Thanks again for the support BenD!


allright now hopefully it no longer looks like he’s dancing.

I’ll probably use this as one of my final beauty renders. Tonight and tomorrow I’ll get all the final images together and submit!


Lookin’ good Dave, he could stand to be a bit more hunched over like in the concept. Other than that, nice work. :smiley:


Allright! Here are all the final images I have.

Colin I agree the super hunched posture could have added some character and really helped match the original sketch but I ran out of time. Maybe if I have time tonight or tomorrow and the final submission thread is still open I’ll see how it looks.




I just realized I messed up the wireframe. I had to put together a few layers in photoshop because of the way zbrush only draws frames on the active layer. Looks like I forgot to delete the pants area of the coat. When I have some time later tonight I will fix it.

Thanks everyone who followed my work and gave any comments here! Next I will work on the big Steampunk challenge going on now. I haven’t decided on whether I am also going to do the cutaway/cross section HMC yet.


That looks great! Love the pose


good job dude and good luck:cool:


buryme: Awesome entry man, just a note about the zbrush wireframe issue, I actually did mine in zbrush after seeing your entry. There is a easy way to do it without useing photshop, just use the subtool master to merge your entire model (the sudb level should be set to what you want to show in wireframe), with the keep polygroups and delete old subtools options on and you’ll get one subtool with all the polygroups intact, i did the renders and then discarded the model…



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