HMC #17 Star Wars SteamPunk - Yoda


For this challenge I am planning create a Yoda model based on PELENG’s awesome sketch from the second SWSP concept thread. (With his permission of course ;))

          I learned a lot and really pushed my skills forward in the last challenge, I look forward to doing the same in this one. I may work on additional models for the challenge depending on how this first one goes. The reference being looser and having what I learned last time about workflow, I may not spend as many hours as I did on Pumpkinhead tweaking proportions over and over to try to be as true to my refs as possible.
          Cheers everyone! Can't wait to see what we produce this time!
         My goal is to follow the concept sketch but skew proportions towards movie Yoda's.





Wowza, it’s Mickey Rooney out for revenge. :stuck_out_tongue:
But seriously, that’s an awesome base. Can’t wait to see it fleshed out.


that was my favourite of the yoda’s from those concept threads…glad to see it’s going to be realised…


Right choice, mate!:slight_smile:
Good luck!


Thanks for the support guys!

Got the basics down tonight…


Your concept is just AWESOME! I wish it was in the concept section, so I can use it for a reference for an entry.
I really love it and will be following this thread with interest.


A little bit more face detail and some clothing getting blocked in.

For the collar and coat tails I think I will build them in maya and morph them onto the model in zbrush later. For now I will focus on getting everything else on this base proper.

Gonna be away for the weekend, I’ll post more updates next week!


Great start on the modeling. I’m so curious to see what you got planned for the clothes cause the concept has some very cool ones.



Thanks man. I am going to do the clothing and all just like the sketch but skew his body proportions towards those of movie Yoda.

My plan is to either make the coat as a separate object or sculpt most of it on the body and add the coat tails, collar, etc and attach it to the geometry later.


Took off the polypaint- it was getting in the way of sculpting.

Gave him eyeballs, an angrier look, and worked the pants and boots some more today.


Hey clothes

I’m going to keep working on him later tonight and hopefully make some good progress on the jacket and collar. And maybe build the hat.


I’ll pop on the real buttons and stuff after I finish the coat’s folds and wrinkles


Got a little more work in this weekend. Critiques are welcome and appreciated!


I added more detail to the face and hands. I also tweaked the proportions.

Next I will add accessories to the jacket like the shirt sleeves and medals, and I might redo the collar.


awesome clothing and the hat is quite snazzy:cool:

will you give him the stylized light saber?


Definitely. I want to go all the way in recreating the gear he has in the concept sketch as well as posing him. I am learning how to move him to Maya so I can do a proper render and have the saber emitting light.


This is my basic concept for the saber. For the final version it will be partially in the sheath still.

Tomorrow I will give it more details. I want it to be more ornate and unique.


Great work!

Don’t know whether to crit some things cause i don’t know if they are ‘under construction’. My comment is that i have a little problem with the hand. The palm or the base shape of the hand is like as thick as the fingers. Looks kind of funny. Don’t know how this is with the yoda from the SW films, but might need some investigations.
Don’t know if you still need to change the feet, but if you do, don’t mind. Otherwise they look like clay :wink:

but keep it up


Great work on the boots! It was good to see how you went about modeling them. I’ve been trying to figure out how to go about modeling shoes for my bothan scout, and this pointed me in the right direction.


Thanks for the comments guys.

Nothingness, you are right about the hands. I am going to make sleeves that will cover the wrists and then pull them out to be more proportional.

As for the boots, I will go back and play with their color some more. I wanted to achieve a leather look but I think I made them too worn looking.

Thanks dropkicksev. I just made their basic shape as you can see from my WIP, added some folds with mask and move, and added the lines with the stitch brush. I still need to make the soles look right. I think I will use clay tubes to block in the forms, then some inflating and pinching to try getting solid edges.

I spent the past few days upgrading my computer to a quadcore, more ram, and RAID. Now it’s smoking zbrush. Before I would have a lot of pauses when working at high detail levels on this model. Now I can have everything at the highest detail level with no worries or memory errors.

I spent some time on the saber and sheath, here is a little concept of where it stands:

I want to add a lot of ornate detail to the sheath. While I find good references to make an alpha for that, I hope to get a lot of other little accessories modelled tonight so I can get back to what I really enjoy, sculpting and eventually posing.