HMC #17 Star Wars SteamPunk - Walker


here are the turntables:



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Okay, this is my very first Hardcore Modeling Challenge and let’s hope i can finish it.

I did a concept of my own to do, and although it took way too long to make it, it still doesn’t look like much.

anyway, here it is:

I suddenly realized the zeppelin body may be not the smartest thing to do for a war-machine, but maybe this is what makes it fun. The zeppelin itself was never a smart idea itself.

cheers and much fun to everyone up this challenge


Nah, impractical is what steampunk is all about. The concept is cool and very different. Good luck nothingness.


Thanks Wyatt,

i’m gonna push the contrast even more so let’s have some fun.

Anyway, here is a little update i’m posting today. Did most of it yesterday but since i had to work this weekend i’ll do more tomorrow or so.
The global shape and proportions of the walker has been set and will very much change in detail. I’ve started the legs and these will be bendable due to the multiple connected parts. I’ll try and rig them afterwards if i have time with dynamic curves so the cables bend like they should.

In the end, i think the walker will look like a ridiculous character that’s combined of a zeppelin, scrap metal, inspired by the elephants of Dali and some warship. Let’s see how far we can push the combinations.
And the feet should change much as well! I plan to give it high heels :buttrock:


At the moment there is still a lot of parts in nurbs and will see what i’m gonna do with them. Convert them of adjust them a little and leave it the way it is. Problem is i’ll probably import large parts into cinema to do some texturing and baking. So then i’ll need to convert them anyways.

Anyhew, i done the knee. Without the nurbs the poly count is around 200k
will be big


Wow! Modelling looks incredible. My worry however, is that the overall size of the model is so big that from a far view, the viewer wont be able to see any of these great details you’re adding…



i already thought about it and i’m not gonna worry about it. I think i’m just gonna cut off the legs in the renders and leave some details in. Should do the trick. But i’m in for the modeling and the experience i’m forcing me to learn.

but we’ll see what happens when we get there :beer:


or just do some human height shots…from underneath with eye fish. Uuugh that would be freaky.


ehehehehhehe, thanks,

and it would be freaky. Was planning on something like that but this would mean i loose a lot of detail for the top part. But hey, nobody said i can’t make multiple shots or renders :drool:


cool concept, wow you really progressed heaps already, nice details, I wish I could model like that.


nice detail … in fact lots of nice detail …:thumbsup:


Thanks dogBreath, simjoy !

I always wanted to be a fast modeler and sometimes it works well and sometimes not. This is luckily on of those times.

I used to keep my polycount in check but those days are over. Since i did some rendering tests in cinema 4d it was obvious that for the renderer it didn’t matter how many poly’s it had. So then why keep it in check. Only disadvantage c4d has is that the viewport has slow feedback when handling many poly’s. Maya is handling them very well.

soon i’m gonna post my progress on the foot. It’s almost done :beer:


looking pretty slick thus far. keep it up man.


This is going nice… I want to see more…


Thanks dubge, it’s talking a little longer to model right now but i’m getting there.

Got a serious problem with the foot that needs to be kind of rigged to position it as it should. So i already tried out a few possibilities and didn’t work out. So now it’s up to the joints and binding. But hey, this way it’s already partly rigged.

TheGoozer, thanks a lot. I’m working my ass off to get the foot finished so i can show it. It’s already kind of sweet in my opinion.
Nice to see a fellow belgian on the forum. Very rare to come across one :twisted:
I’m from Ghent by the way. A mac and maya user. All the way :beer: (and a little c4d)


I had even more probs than i could even take at the moment, but they all got resolved. And here are a few renders and screenshots.

At the moment the foot itself looks a little less steampunk but this should be resolved by giving it a rather dented and dirty copper shader. Let’s hope i got time for that.



This is getting better and better!
I especially like how you are getting away from the original shape without destroying the points of recognition.
Can’t wait to see more…


wicked, this is getting even better.


wow the amount of details are awesome!
keep going!


Thanks guys,

i hope i can keep it up.

here is the first screen of the head of the walker. Kind of mixed the look of retro. Hope i can finish it soon so i can move on to the next thing. Still got a lot to do. I don’t think i’ll be able to give it a descent texturing or shading.



Very very cool. I almost want to envision two dudes in a bi-plane trying to tie up the legs and bring it down. Nice work!