HMC#17: Star Wars Steampunk - Tribute: VOTE!


Best WIP thread - Albert Feliu (he always provides excellent updates and explanations!)

Best Bust
- Simon Joyce

Best Vehicle
- Nico Strobbe

Best Model Collection (2 or more)
- ???huh???

Best Diorama
- Jeff Miller (presentations are hands down killer, every time)

Best Model
- DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE! :cry: Seriously, coin toss, sorry fellas… Jeff Miller


Best Diorama: Jeff Miller Princess Leia
Best Model: Jeff Miller Princess Leia
Best WIP: Undecided
Best Bust: Simon Joyce
Best Vehicle: Owen Egan ATAT

Nice job every one who entered, there are some really great pieces here.


Wow this stuff is awesome. I love these types of comps.

Best WIP: Nico Strobbe
Best Bust: Simon Joyce
Best Vehicle: Nico Strobbe
Best Diorama: Jeff Miller

Best Model: Jeff Miller


WOW! Unbelievable! The quality of these entries is amazing! I’m so sad I missed this one. :argh:

Best Diorama: Jeff Miller - Breath taking!
Best Model: Owen Egan - Love that thing! :cool:
Best WIP: Eric Durante - Great work!
Best Bust: Simon Joyce - Very true to concept!
Best Vehicle: Owen Egan - Whoot!

Great work everyone who entered!

Can’t wait for the next one!


Best Diorama: Jeff Miller
Best Model: Jeff Miller


Great models guys (and girls?)!
Really fun to see them realised in 3D.

Best of luck to you all!!



Best Model - Albert Feliu

Best Vehicle - Nico Strobbe

Best Bust - Simon Joyce


excellent work from everyone! my vote:

Best Vehicle - Nico Strobbe
Best Diorama - Albert Feliu
Best Model - Eric Durante


Best WIP thread
Albert Feliu- StormTrooper
Would have been best model, but I dont think he followed the starWars steampunk enough, it seemed to evolve farther and farther away from star wars (for me anyway)

Best Bust
Jeff Miller-Princess Leia (pun intended!)

Best Vehicle
Owen Egan- AT AT

Best Model Collection (2 or more)

Best Diorama
Derek Misaki - Boba Fett

Best Model
Nico Strobbe- Walker

NB. I would just like to add that this has been one of the most imaginitve, fun challenges I have seen. I have loved following it. Well done to the organisers !


Best WIP: Nico Strobbe - Walker
Best Bust: Simon Joyce - Darth Vader
Best Vehicle: Nico Strobbe - Walker
Best Diorama: Jeff Miller - Princess Leia
Best Model: Albert Feliu - Stormtrooper


[b]Best Model: Jeff Miller

great entries guys !


Best Model: Jeff Miller - Princess Leia


Best Model - Albert Feliu

Congratulations on everyone’s work. -Anwar Bey-Taylor


Best Vehicle-Nico Strobbe
Best Bust-Simon Joyce
Best Model Collection-Ed Brillant
Best WIP Thread-Albert Feliu
Best Model-Jeff Miller

Great job everyone, these just keep getting better and better.


Best WIP: I’ve been gone for the majority of this challenge, so I don’t rightly feel qualified to vote here. Sorry guys :frowning:

Best Bust: Simon Joyce / SimJoy / Bust Of Steam Darth
Best Vehicle: Nico Strobbe / Nothingness / Walking Zeppelin
Best Collection: Alex Dittus / Aelex / Podracer
Best Diorama: Ed Brilliant / Dubge / Hookah-Yoda

Best Model: Albert Feliu / DDS / Steam Trooper

Many compliments also to Toan Nguyen for one gorgeously clean, functional Steam-Bike, and of course to Jeff Miller for a stunning character model!


Wow… Im no modeller, but the standard of the content produced for these challenges amazes me every time…

The voting was SO tough this round. Jeff and Albert both produced incredible models that i really couldnt choose between. In the end i went for Jeff just because he dared to take the more human form of the two models. I really love the post Albert chose there tho for the beauty render, i have to say…

So, BEST MODEL: Jeff Miller
and BEST VEHICLE: Owen Egan’s AT AT

Cheers, and well done everyone, you blow my mind!



Best Diorama: Jeff Miller - WOW!!!
Best Model: Jeff Miller - It’s not just the modeling, its the texturing, lighting and everything else that makes up the final piece. Even the magazine cover beauty renders. Top class.
Best WIP: Eric Durante - This is a very impressive piece. It just lost out to Leia.
Best Bust: Simon Joyce
Best Vehicle: Nico Strobbe - Zeppelin Walker! - I loved the way that Nico took the original concept and just ran away with it to somewhere strange and fantastic.


Best WIP: Nico Strobbe - Walker. I loved watching the thread go from funny basic concept to super detailed steamed out zeppelin walker.

Best bust: Simon Joyce - Darth Vader. The final beauty render looks awesome, very true to concept.

Best vehicle: Nico Strobbe - Walker. Crazy details all over. It’s too bad some of it gets lost from a distance, but I am sure in a game or movie environment using this model the detail would get great opportunities to shine.

Best diorama: Jeff Miller - Leia. I love the little details put into all the accessories, and the texturing job really brings it to life. Amazing model.

Best model: Albert Feliu - Storm Trooper. So many details and cool touches. Even the buckles look cool. The final beauty render done like a classical painting really sold it. Awesome.

I really wish I could vote both Leia and Storm Trooper for best model!

Great stuff everyone! It was fun to participate.


Very, very tough decision.

Best Model Jeff Miller
Best WIP Thread Nico Strobbe
Best Vehicle Nico Strobbe
Best Bust Eric Durante

Any of these three could have gotten Best Model and there were a number of others who were very close. Fantastic work, everyone.


Best Model: Albert Feliu

    amazing model there dude!

Good luck guyz.