HMC #17 Star Wars SteamPunk - Speeder


Latest update:

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Hey guys,

I’m going to try to model Hurri-cane’s rendition of the Speeder Bike. Sorry in advance if I butcher your concept Hurri-cane. By the way, hanks for providing us those awesome sketches.


Here’s the initial blocking, and yes that gear is about 85% of the total polygon count. I think it’s a pretty good decision choice though.


Right on, can’t wait to see how this turns out.


Here’s an update. I’m still working on the basic silhouette of the speeder. The only thing I’m unsure of now is the exhaust coming off the top of the back.

I also added a turbine. I don’t know how that helps with the believability of the steampunk concept, but supposedly there are steam turbines, so go figure. The gear coming off the bottom back might have to be disposed of.

Comments and critiques are always welcome.


Here’s a small update. I’ve been working on the turbine as well as an engine block that will go beneath the speeder’s main hull. I still don’t know how I’m going to connect the pieces, probably with many tubes.

I have also started to tie everything together in the front, so the’re not floating pieces of geometry.


Weekend update:


Looking super crisp and clean so far :slight_smile:


Here’s yet another weekend update:

This week I tried to focus on the steering column and pedals for the speeder. I also tried to make the back of the speeder more dynamic, after all, it is just a cylinder.

Here are some ambient occlusion renders:

This week will be dedicated to making pipes, lots of pipes, and finishing the back. I’m thinking about making a front spoiler, but don’t know how to work it in the design. If I have any time left I will be adding designs.


This is turning out awesome! Great work.


Hey Trey,

Thank you for you kind words. I really appreciate it!


Just a little update. I’ve put on bolts and worked on making the back of the speeder more interesting. Instead of making designs (which I don’t think I have time for anyway), I think I’m going to concentrate mostly on the body. I gotta break up the form because it looks so boring to me.


Here’s a render of everything smoothed.


More work on the back


Congratulations on your entry, Toan!

Excellent modeling.


Looks great! Awesome edge flow, man.


Thanks guys for your support!

I spent a bunch of time rendering some images for class. I’m going to post them here so everyone can see them.

Click on any of the images for a higher resolution version.

Ortho Views


definitely one of the most steampunkish entries of the contest, and modeling is very accurate and beautifully done. The orthos look like real blueprints :drool: Best of luck dude!!


Your renders look really nice! You’re poly flow is great. Good job!


Albert and Lily, thank you for your comments. I appreciate your kind words, they inspire me to be an willing participant of insomnia. All I want to do is model more! Albert, especially your depiction of Guile. Talk about drool-worthy…


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