HMC #17 : Star Wars Steampunk - Snow Trooper


Hey Colin, glad I could be of service. The model is looking good, and I can’t wait to see the finished product. :bounce:


Howdy all, been moderately paced and steady today, nothing too special, figured i’d post my progress before i go out for a bit, grab something to eat. beer and coffee aren’t the best things to mix, especially without much food matter.

forgot to show the backpack in the render. oopsy…

I’m hoping to get the rest done by tonight*, until then. :beer:

*3 or 4 in the morning PST.


gotta love the late night oil burning.:surprised I suggest taking home Redbull and hotpockets!!:drool: caffine and grease are like N.O.S for your body


Finals up in the Finals thread. :smiley:

Thanks a bunch to everyone who commented/viewed/posted on my work, I’ve got a long way to go improving my modelin’ skills and this was definitely an amazing learning experience. I had fun making my work, and i hope you all had fun watching it progress. Time for some well deserved sleep, hopefully I’ll get to see some similar faces in future challenges. :beer:


Congratulations for sticking through to the end and getting your renders up in time!

Nice looking model, Colin. The details you added draw a lot of attention to those well modeled armor plates!


Nice job, man! I love the renders.


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