HMC #17 : Star Wars Steampunk - Scout Trooper


Thanks Colin! That part is based off of armored plating that German snipers used on their helmets in WWI. Seemed like good addition.


You have great attention to detail! This is really nice work.


Thanks Lily! Some of the detail may be unnecessary…for example…there are numbers on his chest thermometer. :smiley: I just like adding a lot of detail.


Wow! great details man. I love the filigranes. Good stuff!! I wish it had some more authentic render type, other than AO, but anyways there might be many reasons why you decided to go for that :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the feedback Albert! The renders are a bit simple but it was enough to show off the details. I’m actually really glad you brought it up though. I’m just starting to study mental ray and vray. I was wondering what programs you use? Your renders looked fantastic. Hope all is well.


… that`s awesome work man.

you planning on texturing it at all?


Hey Martin! Glad ya like it. I’m planning on texturing it eventually, but I’m only learning UV mapping techniques now. I’m hoping to texture it and rig it as a Christmas present for my folks.


awesome stuff


Thanks Alan! Happy Thanksgiving


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