HMC #17 : Star Wars Steampunk - Scout Trooper


Hey man, thanks for the feedback! I think you’re right about the asymmetry. I’m slowly trying to find ways to incorporate that as I progress.

Can’t wait to see the detail work on your snow trooper! It’s gonna be awesome. :beer:


Really nice work. I can’t wait to see the finished model. How are you going to approach the hands?


Thanks Tyler!

As far as the hands go, I’ll be working on those soon. I was planning to do fingerless gloves with some fur sticking out around the fingers. The fingers themselves would look almost like wolf man’s if you can imagine that. Ha ha


Hey everyone! Just wanted to show some more of the detailing I did. I also change the placement of the radio. There are some tessellation issues in the renders but that is due to the fact that I only have one smooth on the model. I’m working on the logo for the breast plate and still have to add quite a few details. I need to remodel the wire from the earpiece to the radio as well. I also have to rework the right arm and make the cloth different. I just duplicated it over for rendering purposes. It’s getting there though.


Looking good, I like the details in the shoulder pads. Nice work.


looking nice so far! i really like your trim you’ve got going on. and love the radio.


Glad you like it, Marcus!

Hey Michaele, thanks for the feedback. Truth be told, I think I had the most fun working on the radio.

Anywho, I’m gonna start work on the rifle soon; since I’m procrastinating on the hands. :rolleyes:


Did the scout rifle today so here are a few renders. Now back to the character model it self. :arteest:


This gets better every time i check back on it. the detailing is looking really nice, same with the gun. the dragon thangy on the butt is a great touch. Can’t wait to see more. :smiley:


Thanks Colin! Had a good time with the gun. Just another way to avoid the hands :wink:


Hey everyone! I’ve gotten a question from Maxidius concerning how I’m doing the detail work on my models. There are two ways I’ve gone about it.

The first method is to draw the details in illustrator and import the .ai file into Maya. I also trace preexisting designs and import the illustrator file. After that, I just use bevel plus to get the thickness I need and use a lattice deformer to mold it to the armor.

The second method is derived from Ballistic’s d’artiste character modeling book. One of my favorite artists, Pascal Blanche, uses dingbats to do detail work. For the few that didn’t know, dingbats are fonts that are shapes and designs rather than letters. Just google dingbats, and you can find just about anything you need. An important thing to note though is that if you want the dingbats to be in polygonal format you need to pay attention to a couple settings. Under type, choose poly. For my personal use, I choose quads and general for tesselation method. I also choose “per surf # of iso params”. They key thing after this is adjusting the values in U and V. If the values are too high, your polygon count will shoot through the roof for no reason. Too low, and Maya will reduce the font’s polygon output to very basic shapes. Also, beware of normal issues. I usually harden the normls after extruding the font out.

Anywho, hope this helps some folks out.


damn, I wish I had thought of doing that, it’s a pretty clever way of getting a nice result quickly, I may have to give it a try if I run out of time on detailing.


I’m working on finishing this up. The backpack on the original scout was used as a temperature control device, so I did the same with mine.

And here’s the temperature control panel and switch on the front.


Another update for the day…or should I say morning. I added the butt pack and entrenching tool. I also replaced a pouch with a canteen to help with the asymmetry.

Here’s a quick shot of the hands. They’re still wip, but it’s coming along.

Now time for a quick nap.


Looking very nice as always man, the hand isn’t too bad, Widen it a bit near the knuckles and shorten it near the wrist and it’ll look lots better. Keep at it man. :beer:


Thanks Colin! I’ll tweak the hands today and add some of the little finishing touches.


It’s finally done. Check out my post in the final submission thread. This has been an amazing project…but now I’m ready for some shuteye. :drool:


And here are the final renders…


Congratulations, Ben.

Great looking final model! Get some sleep :slight_smile:


I love the addition to the helmet, and the final renders turned out great.