HMC #17 Star Wars SteamPunk - Princess Leia


final entry



can’t wait to see it, the goggles look great already.

Good Luck


excellent start!
i want to see it finished!!
good lucky!


good to see you join up jeff…looks awesome already


doesn’t quite look like her yet … :stuck_out_tongue:

nice start …


Yeah, nice start man…it’s great that somebody wants to model the same concept as me…
so, lets fight!

keep it up dude,


i took some liberties with the concept. i hope hurri-cane doesn’t mind too much. i wanted to give her headgear that invoked the silhouette princess leia from the movie. i don’t think i am going to concern myself with a carrie fisher likeness, unless i have extra time at the end.

viewport screenshot:


Very cool so far. I like the head piece you gave her.


worked on the body quite a bit. more soon


here is a closeup


She is looking beautiful Jeff. Excellent work so far.


really good work! The clothing is very good and i like the thingies on her right hand, they look interesting, can we have a closeup of that?

AND i think you really captured the face and head silhouette from the film. One can immediately tell, who that character is :thumbsup:


that is super sick, very nice work.


Looking nice, the details are coming out really good.


thanks for the comments, guys. this is certainly fun to work on. i have worked on her a little more. here are some closeups of the hand thingy (still in progress) and the corset


looking fantastic so far, any chance at seeing some wire frames?


holy shit, suberb!!


Great job so far. The bodice looks amazing


the corset looks good, wish i could achieve that amount of detail.
she certainly looks yummy~


How did you make the lace that ties the back of the corset? I’m guessing modeled in another program and imported into ZBrush. It just came out so clean I’m curious how you did it.