HMC #17 Star Wars SteamPunk - Landspeeder


Hello, joining late but going to model Luke Skywalkers Landspeeder.
Original from movie

My bad drawings (going to do some more clear drawings in photoshop soon)

a little started


finally got started a little

The basic shape for the blades of the fan behind the vehicle, not sure if they’re wide enough at parts yet, but putting in some basic placeholders that I might tweak

Duplicated and rotated

The basic idea I have for the gears in between the fan and the engine, basically took the design of steam trains, etc, for pushing big wheels.

The start of a little more detail on these

and the back, which I haven’t decided wether to make round or pointed as it is sort of


started the engine


made a little more progress

defined the engine a little bit, and started the body, I wanted to model out wood planks on the surface, haven’t gotten to shaping them better and might rebuild the base body after trying it the way I did, just got a little sloppy and everything feels a little cluttered.

Thought about modeling the wood pieces seperatly, but that seems like more work than just containing the information/cleaning up what I have.

the engine/exhaust rough shapes

start of the body


It’s great to see how this is coming along! I love the fan in the back. Great design!


I’m lovin’ the design. Looks like a heavy duty air boat.


Your mesh looks extremely smooth and efficient. Can you post a picture of the speeder smoothed thus far?



actually, it isn’t. I’m having problems with the way i built it. I built the main body in three segments, but wasn’t very careful in attaching them together, some edges just sort of run into nowhere, so right now I’m either going to rebuild it, or try and fix some of it, but unfortunately there is a lot of crap going on.

here is it smoothed


so i went ahead and decided to rebuild the body, here is a shot of the wing attachment part
where I’ve added panels that I’m going to detail on.

it ended up taking me a lot longer than I thought… which I actually knew… if that makes sense. But anyway, I was able to clean some of it up a little better, but other areas are just as bad, so I’m done worrying about that for now and I’m just going to focus on actually buildling it, since I worked on it for awhile and I’m sort of back to where i was before, except I added some more parts to the wings. >.<


Modeling can be a stressy situation huh.

I learned a lot over many years of modeling and you always start learning new things. Either they are new techniques, new tools, new work flow or just simply a new state of mind.

One important thing is to know what you are doing and where you wanna go. Modeling for a smoothed object is different to a an actual hard-edge object.
You need to step back sometimes and do some thinking about how you need to handle the situation. Every situation is different and you’ll learn ways to handle new situations.
Sometimes you make 2 objects and connect them together, the other time you create one and extrude or whatever into a new object. All depends on what you need.

First i learned a lot about poly modeling, and after a while i started to get familiar with the nurbs. They are great to start a smooth surface on which you can continue after converting them to poly’s. But you need to build up the skills. Don’t be afraid to start over cause you’ll do something different and learn from it.

Now a little tip: Brainstorm a little on your shape and parts of the vehicle. Not everything is made out of a solid piece. So you can use this to your advantage. Then you don’t need to break your head on how you connect all things together and look good.

cheers and enjoy


hey thanks nothing.
That’s sort of what I’ve been thinking about today, I mostly have built things in the past with tons and tons of parts and just grouped them or tried to merge them together, so I’ve been trying, a little too much, to build things out of less and less, and not thinking about the actual thing. after banging my head against my desk all day yesterday and doing nothing but working myself in circles. I think I realized I need to not stress so much about it and also to think about things more than just if i can build it as one piece or not.


One big advantage about multiple pieces - if it is possible - is you can start working on another one when you get stuck. After i modeled the legs for my walker, i started on the lower part between the body and the legs. Spend a whole day getting stressed and felling worthless cause i couldn’t get it started. So i started on the top part and this one came swiftly and was a delight to work on. No after this was finished i redid the lower part and did a different direction and got so much done in only one day. So this way you push up the productivity.



did some more. Getting close I need to pick it up!


started to work on the engine/mechanisms for the bottom, and just blocking in areas
not sure how I feel about the support beams for the bottom or the back

not sure how I want to have this side connected, maybe just more beams or whatever, I had an idea of straps holding it on, but we’ll see

this shape gave me a bit of trouble… made it with curves, thought about making it and then turning it but ended up just pushing and pulling a cylinder

started to work on the cockpit, feels a little narrow, perhaps going to make it just a one seater, and i’m not sure how i feel about the shape/size of the windshield

lots more to go woo hoo


great work so far.

and don’t worry about problems, i love problems :bounce:
it’s the way you learn. So did i when rigging a 3,4 million poly machine. :twisted:



made some changes and cleaned some things up.
As much as I liked the wood panel things in the end I think they are a little out of place, and I think I’m going to just sitck with the smooth surface.

The wing part I made was really ugly so I remade it and how the wing part connects

started the cockpit


didn’t get as far modeling on detail as I wanted to, but alas the time has ended. Here is what I have so far, going to finish up some things this afternoon but model wise this is basically it


As I said above, didn’t get nearly as much detailing modeled in as I had wanted to, but I stayed pretty light on information, compared to how I usually model.

I threw on some quick textures this afternoon, but didn’t have time to get good lighting or tweak things further since my computer kept throwing up on me.

Strayed a little of course but I plan on working on this in the future for myself and hopefully joining in on another challenge in the future. This was a great theme and I really enjoyed seeing what other people came up with.


Congratulations on the entry!

Really neat design.


Very nice Nick!