HMC #17 : Star Wars Steampunk - Jawa


Hi All,

I realise I am starting late but I just couldn’t let this one go. This is my first attempt at a HMC so any/all crit/ideas are most welcome, if you are not sure if you should post a crit just post it, I can take it :slight_smile:

Big credit to Bjorn for the awesome concept art, hopefully I will be able to produce something that is half as good as it:

I downloaded a couple of original jawa pics as references from the web:

I’ve also got a whole lot of general steam punk stuff just for reference (not posting them here).

So the pipeline I am going to work with is going to look like this:

  1. Base model using box modelling in blender. (I’m going to use some cloth sim to get the cloth shape looking good before taking it into Zbrush)
  2. Detailing in Zbrush (I’m not sure if I will get to textring if I do I’ll use polypaint to do it).
  3. Rendering in Modo with base mesh and displacement map from Zbrush.

OK time to get to work!


Hi All,

So I started the base model, did some basic cloth and some of the many belts… also made a basic form to drape the cloth on. I tried a couple cloth sims but without all the pieces in place they aren’t so great… still very wip…



Hi all,

I modelled the upper torso trying to make sure that the topology of the arms was correct but just getting the basic form of the head right. I also added a ‘blob’ for a body as it won’t ever be seen it just is needed to drape the cloth sim. The proportions are a bit difficult to get right as they are basically kids proportions, not an adult human shape, so the head is bigger and the arms are smaller and shorter etc… couldn’t find any nice references online… anyway know of some?

Still a looonnnggg way to go :slight_smile:



Updated the base mesh, some errors on the cloth sim, but i’ll edit those out when all the parts are complete. I still have to add the little bags and another bag on his back and then into zbrush!

I’ve so far spent around 16 hours on this so I do need to speed up!

Feel free to crit!


Hi all,

Updated quite a bit :slight_smile: Sorry for four pics, didn’t have time to merge them to one… no cloth sim on these renders…



Nice modeling so far!
keep going Andrew!


hugopdionisi: Thanks man, I thought no-one was ever going to post on this thread :smiley:

Small updates: spade, detail sticking out of bolter thing on his back, clasp for the strap
holding the little bags. I still have to do the stuff in the big bag on his back and change
the clasp for the bag on his side.

I have to hurry and get the base mesh finished so I can get it into zbrush.  I've worked

around 23 hours so far and have around 24 hours left in my schedule before the end. I
don’t think I’m going to have time to colour this guy, but will probably do that after the
challenge ends.

 Comped this character sheet in blender (like zbrushes char sheet)...


Added some of the stuff in the bag… 20 hours left (hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze a bit more in!).

With simple materials:




updating updating, eyes are blurring :wip:

char sheet (ps my blender comp is giving funny white edges which i do not like…):

bag details:

sleep must sleep…


more updates… changed proportions to make him a lot shorter and shorten his arms after watching star wars clone wars :lightbulb and seeing how wrong my proportions were! mainly detail work and a coulpe extra bits in the bag, also addded atraps to the bolter thing and finished designs on the row of bags on his front…

Any crit would really be welcome, I am trying to push this guy for the comp but have been staring at him for around 30 hours now!

Char sheet:

bag details:

Cool, sleep now, more work tomorrow :slight_smile:


I posted this wip on the blenderartists forum to get some extra feedback, see the thread here.
Updates: Added string for stopwatch and curly things on the back, Incerased the size of the hands by 10%, changed the form of the robe to make him a pie muncher! (thanks for crit Giangmatrix and ZVWolf from blenderartists)

List of things to do before base mesh is finished:

  1. Right glove
  2. Left Glove
  3. Shoes
  4. Thingy he is holding
  5. Last thing for the big bag

Then into zbrush for a bit o’ fun :cool: And I’ve only got one week left, going to have to move it:argh:



That is looking much better. Jawas tend to look more like a plush cone, more like your side image, than the front one. That might be just the way he is posed in the ‘T’ position, but the sleeves look strange from the front. Again, that might be ‘fixed’ when he’s posed.

It was pointed out over at BA that the robes might benefit from some more detail. That would be something pretty easy to do in ZBrush. But it might help the ‘Steampunk’ effect. At the momement he looks maybe a tad too much like the original Star Wars version.

Good job though. Waiting to see the ZBrushed version.


I love this Jawa! Sweet as anything! Great modeling, and I love the details on the accessories.


OwenEgan: Thanks man, you’re right aobut the robe detail, I’ve just got the basic form right in blender and will detail in zbrush which I will hopefully finally get into tomorrow :argh: By the way your AT is really looking cool man!

TCPortfolio: :smiley: Thanks man! Blenders shrinkwrap modifier is probably one of the best modelling tools I’ve ever used for that type of thing.


And a wireframe (requested on BA):

Even though I planned on finishing the two gloves and the other bits last night, ended up not being able to work for long so I will have to finish tonight so I can get the mesh into zbrush tomorrow.


lots of great details especially the gloves!

cant wait to see some snazzy zbrush work and his read beady eyes in the final render;)


BenDstraw: Thanks, once again, shrinkwrap modifier is great for this type of work :slight_smile:

OK the other glove is pretty simple (the fold over is actually under his robe in the render below) and kinda makes him feel like he has too much detail on his left side compared to the right side so I might swop the gloves around… oh and the pipe thingy I added to the bag goes through his top… yes i meant it to do that :smiley:

Char Sheet:

Gotta make the round dingas look more like a minature death star :buttrock:
So finally tonight its zbrushin’ time :bounce:


wow this entry is looking real good! Awesome job on the gadgets man :buttrock: Can’t wait for Zbrushing!


DDS: Thanks man!! :slight_smile: Gotta say the storm trooper rocks! Perhaps we should do an animation of him running around after a couple of these jawas, lol!

 So after an hours work at lunch the mini death star is complete and i fixed the pipe going into his robe, heres a orthogonal render a bit bigger...
 Mini death star and vernier:
 char sheet:



Lol, or a Steampunk remake of Troops.

Love all the gadgets and nicknacs. This really makes him look like a pack rat, which Jawa’s are in spades.


WyattHarris: :slight_smile: Thanks, too many gadgets, i think although i probably didn’t need to do it like this but the way i split my ztl it has 75 subtools, oh what fun!

After ages trying to get the groups right, here’s my first scuplt atempt that is still wip at the robe, i spent most of the time on the hood and arms and just a quick turn around the lower section:

Working in zbrush is great :buttrock: