HMC #17 Star Wars SteamPunk - HAN SOLO


The flint-lock is an interesting choice. It’s coming out really well.


thank you Wyatt Harris!
thanks for the nice comment!


Sweet! Can’t wait to see the finished product!


Thank you Trey!

I’ve finished the gun! I wish I had more time to refine de modeling but I have other things to do! Maybe someday…


Hey guys I’m trouble! I’m having a lot of problems when transposing the character. Han Solo has already 8 or 9 subtools and I want to pose him. So I activate tranpose master and it unifyed everything in one subtool right? Then I can’t mask the parts I wanna rotate for example because zbrush closes! What do I have to do? I tryed to mask each subtool isolated but its crazy!! And even doing that zbrush closed more three times. Does anybody know what’s wrong? Is there another way to pose a model with many subtools? Please I actually need you help because I have only a few days to finish it!!

Thank you guys!


I’ve not had much luck with Transpose Master. I had better results by simply transposing the main mesh and then editing the subtools individually. Granted I hadn’t planned with Transpose master in mind so that may make a difference. If its giving you technical problems like killing ZBrush, then you may be better served just editing everything individually as time is running out.


hey sometimes you can fix the masking problems setting the Mask Blur Strenght to 0 in the perferences-transpose since the bug is when blurring, not when masking, you know.

Anyways great job with this gun, very nice!!

Also, if the previous trick didn’t make it, you can do as following. It consists on rotating 1 subtool and letting zbush rotate the rest accordingly. It’s more tedious but it’s actually quick if you know exactly what you are aiming for.

  1. Select subtool or mask area you wanna rotate/move/scale.
  2. Apply 1 transformation, just 1. Don’t rotate twice since you can only repeat 1 action. Don’t move and rotate. If you wanna do 2 different actions, you have to repeat the whole process twice.
  3. Don’t adjust the viewport after transformation is applied
  4. Select another subtool, or part of the subtool you wanna transform like the previous one.
  5. Without adjusting the viewport, select the transformation type you used earlier (move/rotate/scale)
  6. Press Ctrl+1 or go to Stroke-Repeat Last



Wyatt Harris: Man! thank you for all the support and nice comments![u]

Albert DDS[/u]: Thank you Master! Your works are awesome! The transpose master didn’t work even setting the blur Strenght to 0. But the second trick you gave me worked! thank you man!

Now I posed almost all subtools. I wish I finish posing it today.
An update of the model posed so far.

Thank you guys for the support! This is my first challenge and I’m a bit lost haha


hey man I’m glad it worked! Pose is going well. Maybe tilt the head to one side?

Great work, not muh time left :buttrock:


Thank you Albert for the support!

I’ve tilted his head a bit, and added some details to the model. Today I hope I can finish modeling the subtools that are missing.

Hey guys I have some DOUBTS about the challenge: (I know they look silly, but…)

  1. When exactly is 17th November 12:00 pm. Does this mean “The night between MONDAY and TUESDAY” or “between SUNDAY and MONDAY”??

  2. Do I have to upload the FINAL IMAGES in the CG Uploader or am I allowed to upload then in another external hoster?

Thank you guys! And hurry up! Time is almost over hehe


You can post your entry on time as long as the day of 17th of Novemeber is a valid calendar day for any place on this planet…

Yes you have to upload your images on an external hoster. I will post a POST YOUR FINAL ENTRY thread soon.



Thank you very much Roberto Ortiz!

This means that I won another day to finish it !!!
I thought the dead line was in the sundays night =]

See yá!



      [b]Beauty Render
      [hirez image link](
      [b]Turntable Animation[/b]
      [b]Orthographic Renders[/b]

Description: Model based on Bjorn Hurry’s concept of Han Solo. Thank you very much for the permission. All base meshs were done on 3d max 9 and then exported to ZBrush for the detailing part. Render in ZBrush and a little color correction in Adobe Photoshop CS3.





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