HMC #17 Star Wars SteamPunk - HAN SOLO


Hey guys!
I decided to get in this one!
I hope I have time to finish!
I decided to model the HAN SOLO awesome concept designed by Bjorn Hurry.
I hope he doesn’t mind =] here’s the concept

I wish good lucky for everybody!


another great concept again from Bjorn.

Just checked your portfolio and love the comics style. Make’s me curious how you’r gonna do this one.

Happy modeling !


hi there people!

Thanks Nothingness! I really love cartoons, but this time i’ll try to do something more realistic

Finally i had time to start modeling! I’ve done the Han Solo base mesh and now i’m gonna import it to zbrush to add some details.

First WIP image of Han Solo

C&C are really wealcome!


Hello again!

I’ve done a little update on my Han Solo model.
I’ve been working hard this days and it is difficult to have some time to model, but I won’t give up!

WIP 2 - Han Solo


Hi People!
I could find some time to upgrade my Han Solo model! not as much i wanted but…

WIP 3 - Han Solo

See ya!


Great work on the modeling.

Just a few suggestions though:

  • i think the characteristics is getting real close to the concept and this es very sweet. But, i think you need to scale the nose a bit so it gets lower than it does now. At the moment i think the mouth and chin region is way too big. Although the chin in the concept is big, it’s not really noticable.

  • The smile is a bit too much i think. At the moment it more reminds me of the joker from the old days than Han solo.

  • The shape formed by the muscles that show the end of the torso and the beginning of the legs is way too much. Looks more like Barbie’s Ken than a normal human body. I know it’s gonna be covered anyway but best to change it so the shape of the clothes will look more real.

  • Don’t know where the images are hosted but they load slow :wink: Especially the bottom pic from the last post.

cheers and keep up the good work


Thank you Nothingness!
I agree with all your suggestions! thank you very much, I’ll ty to fix those today =]
And I uploaded then at, do you know another faster?


great to see you around here hugo…
good start…I’ll be around checking this up
maybe start mine today
abracao brother


Thank you Glauco!
I hope you decide to participate too!


Hello there!
Another update. I wish I had more time to model =/
I fixed the chin and nose as suggested Nothingness.
And now i’m doing the bases meshes of the accessories.
First the shirt!

WIP 4 - Han Solo

See yaaa


Hello again!!
another update in his clothes!

WIP 4 - Han Solo

Thank you!


Hi there cgsociety members =]

I have more two updates to share with you today!

WIP 5 - Han Solo

Thank you!


Hello guys!

Now I’m starting his jacket!

See ya!


starting too get all together and ready for the serious work in zbrush.

Only thing i remarked is that be careful with the belts. The look like they can fall off any minute. Even if you tighten them up don’t think it’ll be enough to fool the mind of the spectator. But i could be wrong when the modeling and detailing starts.



You are right Nothingness!
I’ll have to do something to lock the belts on his clothes.
Thank you!

Another update. Start to model his glasses and fixed the base mesh of the gloves

See yaa!


Another update in his glasses!

Thank you!


Hello again cg members!

I finished the goggles. Now I’ll start the modeling of his gun!

See ya!


Very nice, love the goggles.


Thank you Wyatt Harris! I wish I had more time to detail it, but I don’t think I’ll because I still have a lot of things to model.

Here is one update of Han Solo’s gun. I tryed to give a 19th cetury look to it. It’s not finished yet!

Than you!


Hey guys!

I almost finished the 19th century gun! I still have to fix some details, but I’ll do it today. Now I have only ONE WEEK!! owww god =/

Thank you!