HMC #17 : Star Wars Steampunk - General Grievous



although i believe you made it as an organic shape, i think you should look for another solution then to extrude faces and then smooth it. Somehow this has a weird look.



Hello All,

Thanks for the feedback guys, Here is my latest process. Tell me what ya’ll think so far.



Nice progress.

Many areas look pretty soft. From the extrudes around the face plates (as Nico already brought up) to the rib-like areas… Perhaps tighten up or add some edge loops so that the high-res version does not appear to have the softer look to it.

I love the arm assembly.

Keep it up!


Hello folks,

my progress is coming along pretty well, below you will find the leg assembly, it is composed of alot of parts, it is not 100 percent complete, nothing is, i am continuing to work on everything until time expires. enjoy,


Hello guys, here is my latest composition, a little turnaround of him assembled. I am focused on the chest part and the back. Please critique as much as you like and let me know where i can make him better.

Here is the back, it is quite plane. I was thinking to add pipes and exhaust systems of some type. please give me some advise if you have any. Thanks.


great work here

it reallly looks like very well designed together.
But can’t help but to feel it has too much design from
the original. But this could be just me. Not sure
how exactly he looks.



Greeting Folks, I am posting my final General Grievous renders; the deadline approaches… Below you will find a couple of wild renders along with top, bottom, front, back, and sides renders. It has been an interesting challenge.


ps. the instructions were not all that clear to me as far as how I should post my renders. It did say link the renders, so does that mean they should not appear here? but only as a link, or does it mean that it should not be an attachment? well, I will do the “insert image” and I will leave a link where you can click on and view them… I hope they’ll forgive me for my misunderstanding.








Below are the links to my renders, if for some reason you need them…

Wild 2 -

Wild -

Front -

Left -

Back -

Right -

Top -

Bottom -

Thanks guys for everthing… For your comments, support, and your interest. I hoped you enjoyed this challege as much as i did.


Vitaliy A Salyuk


Go to the “Post Final Entry” thread by Roberto and post your entries there. He has a list of what is needed or you can just copy/paste the format from someone who already posted there.


Great work, Vitaliy.

Congratulations on completing the challenge! As stated in the previous reply, just post your final images (as asked for) in the specified thread.


Thanks WyattHarris, I will post them as well. I didn’t see that thread there earlier. Thanks for the heads up.



Awesome work man, you going to be entering the Steampunk Myths & Legends?


Steampunk Myths & Legends sounds wicked cool. I’m not sure if I will enter, but I’ll keep it in mind. I need to find the details for it. Do they have a thread going for it already? It does sound like something I would do though…


Yeah its on the main forum area.


Really great work Vitaliy. I really like the arm construction.


heyy great pose. Best of luck man, this is steampunk all the way! :applause:


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