HMC #17 : Star Wars Steampunk - General Grievous


Greetings folks…

I have started modeling the general, below is the image of my WIP. It’s only the head and it’s far from completion. I will be posting my developments as it continues. Please give me advice, critiques, or just share your thoughts on what you see. And if you have modeled General Grievous before, I would love to hear what approach you took creating him.



Hello there.

I like your progress so far. Keep roling and here is the thread of General Grivouse which could help you. It showes my progress of it but i was posting it under my brothers account.


Hi! Do you have any concept how do you going to make him?


Looks like a good start, good luck =]


I’ve made a game res version using a similar reference to this one:

Not very big but should help with the proportions, my approach was block in proportions and eyeball the details from all the reference images i could find. Sideshow collectibles has made a nice replica that will be helpful too, hit google and find some.

My crit is make the steam punk style come through! so far it looks too close to the original design imo.


Thanks Psyk0,

I wanna get the basics of the mesh down. After that I will work on a more unique and interesting design. My goal is not to simply replicate him, instead to create something more interesting for everyone to look at.


This here is a bit of a differen’t approach I’m trying out. I will try to breakdown the model to as many parts as I can. Do you guys think its a good idea? If you look at Greivous, he’s pretty much a robot put together from all types of parts/scraps.


As far as the concept is concerned… I want to create Grievous in his prime stage. I want him to be meaner, scarier looking (as though he looks prince charming now eh?). Below is a concept that is slightly altered from its original look. If you have any ideas for me, I would more than happy to hear them/see them. The final concept is in development, but here is a rough start.


Hmm, long time since i did my Griveous ingame mesh.

Anyway, back on your topic, to be honest, i see in this concept the gen. griveous almost identical as seen in the movies, while the idea of the challenge is to do an alternative steampunk based version of the Star Wars universe.
I think you should try and check some of the concept refs and search for steampunk references and then, rethink the character as into that kind of universe, or you may end up drifting from the theme.


Hello all,

Thanks alot for stopping me in going the wrong direction. It is really easy to get off track. I am working on concept of my “steampunk” version of the general. I will post it in the next day or two.



Hello Folks,

I’ve been thinking up of a design and here is one of the ideas that I have, Please leave feedback and let me know what you think???

Original Design inspired by pixelfink.


He’s got alot of exhaust pipes but he looks more mecha than steampunk, its a cool concept though. Maybe if you modified it to look more like iron giant or an old iron soldier? I like the idea.


Greets ya’ll,

I should be modeling by now, yet I am stuck with the concept development… :). I have found what i want to model finally, below is the image of my steampunk version of the general grievous.

Concept Design by Shaun Keenan


veeeeerry cool, i would say try and get his other two arms in there, and you could do some really cool stuff with exhaust pipes and such coming out of his back. just some ideas, i think you are on the right track.


Very cool indeed, i was afraid that the previous concept would make he look a bit smaller and less intimidating that he should, this new one looks quite good.

Now go for it. hehe


now this is steampunk.

good luck with it.


i’m the big fan of general Grievous…with his funny lil cough…hahhahahaa…nice work dude…


Loads better, Get going =]


Greetings Friends,

I ran into some computer problems; don’t you love it when your computer breaks when you are working on a big project?

Here are my latest wip screens for my grievous. I am thinking how i should approach doing his eyes, right now i got him eyes as organic/bio, should i keep at that or mechanize his eyes completely?

here are the screens:


his eyes were organic in the movie so to keep him Grievous I’d say keep them organic, while maintaining the steampunk look throughout