HMC #17 : Star Wars Steampunk - Darth Vader


Looking good, be looking forward to watching this progress.


LOL! Awesome, Sim.:applause:


OK, im trying something different, but trying to keep within the confines of the concept art.

I’ve added some internals, so “he’s more machine now than man”


great progress.

but be careful, the inner parts might make him look completely mechanical.



and thats pretty much where im stuck now … i can manage one or the other … getting in-between is proving difficult .


Looks great.
Id say get some arms on him, give him that “Light Sabre” and get to work on the cape.
Keep going.


I agree with Airflow. Don’t stop your on a roll have some fun.


How’s it going Sim, looking very strong so far.


the mechanical detail looks great, keep it up!


thanks for the encouragement guys …

got back on this again today. did a bit more, still more to do to his hands/gloves and lightsaber, but his waist is a far down as im going with this.


martha my baggette stinks, just what the hell did you put in my lunch today?

slooking good sim, so far.


cheers mate …

a bit more work done. going to get some of the bits into ZB next …


i did a small amount of ZBrushing. dont know it well enough to do much with it at the moment .
also trying out some shaders since most of the modelling i’ve got time for is done.
My kids are off for a mid term break next week so progress is about to slow right down …


LOL, show the young ones this picture and they sure as hell will know their place!

Quality work as always, Sim.


looking great. Very close representation of the concept!! I’d suggest model some more gravity to the cloth, looks like it’s flying while it should be falling on the back/shoulders/chest area.


Man that looks awesome, I agree with DDS very close representation of the concept and i also agree about the weight/gravity issue with the cape to give it that realistic feel, other than that great job and keep it up!


adjusted the cloak a bit, and also played about with some displacement maps for some of the materials …


Cloth is definetly looking much better.:thumbsup:


Its really starting to look like the picture now,are you going to put folds in the cloak?


Wow, this piece is really coming along. Nice work. I would say that the bump on the cape seems a little too stong to me.