HMC #17 : Star Wars Steampunk - Darth Vader


*** LATEST UPDATE 17 NOV 2008 ***

        **ORIGINAL POST**
        Well i reckon i'll have a go at this one ..
             CaveatScoti  (A fellow Scot residing in a sunnier climate and who's portfolio can be found here []( ) has kindly (and perhaps not wisely) been generous enough to allow me to attempt a 3D model of this, his Lord Vader concept artwork.
             I'll be doing it as a bust (basically as you see it in the image) and for the first time i'll be attempting to do it, well some of it, in Z Brush.
             I downloaded the demo last night so i've got 30 days (29 now) to try and learn and use it ..
             so why am i wasting my time talking to you lot ...:wip:


great - I’ve seen that painting before and loved it ! Looking forward to the modeling :slight_smile:


Yeah this is awesome artwork…I am sure you’ll do it justice :thumbsup:

good luck man!


well im glad one of us is …

So, this is my start, working in Max just now, i doubt there will be that much ZB involved since i’ve not really the time to learn a new package and complete my entry, but i’ll try a bit …


Good luck with the modeling. I love the concept so make him proud with great modeling.

Don’t think there needs to be any zbrushing in this one except for the draping. But even that could be avoided with some clever modeling.

good luck :cool:


yeah, your right, but i’d like to try and get to grips with some knowledge of ZB, so i guess this would be a good opportunity …


a bit of reshaping, a bit more modelling … and added blackness …


model is coming along nicely but this shader is quite horrible :blush:


kind of agree,

it’s my belief that these kind of things keep you off focus from your modeling. I think you should first max out all the modeling and detail of the hardsurfaced modeling before trying out stuff like how the model looks with reflection. I see a lot of parts that are still in much need of detail. This thread is about the modeling after all :beer:

but never the less it’s already coming along nicely


Sorry guys, the shader was just a temporary MR A&D plastic. Nothing like the final texture except in colour …

Nothingness, i understand what your saying but sometimes i just need to break the monotony of staring a gray all the time …


started adding detail to his front control panel. I based it on the original artwork, but felt it was a bit too plain when made in 3D …


Yeah, now that you mention it I see what you mean about the control panel. I think the new one will work nicely!

Speaking from a utilitarian standpoint though, on the bottom-right grill-plate I can’t see anyone putting that many screws into so small a space – That’d be all of ~4 inches wide real-world, and that’s nearly a screw every 1/4" by my count! I’d limit the number to 6 or 8 screws for that piece. Otherwise I could see some Imperial maintenance guy sweating bullets trying to undo all those screws in time to replace something small-yet-critical, and Vader hurriedly calling up his suit’s industrial-designer for a Force Choking… :smiley:

Also, just curious – What’s the circular piece going to be that you added above the grating?


you can never be too carefull mate, things are apt to come loose in space … :wink:

I thought some kind of dial, or maybe a pressure gauge …


Ok, removed a few rivets, and some general tidying up …


hehe one two three…just noticed the gears inside. maybe it could go into the red at five…the force unleashed. I think you need a more ornate dial. Come to think of it, surely after force comes, gas mark 5.

Jason Welsh has some nice vids that cover lots of the zbrush basics here. and here

This tut by Scott Eaton has some cloth modelling in it.


thats a great concept sketch. I have a back scrubber just like that one!


thanks for those links DogBreath, i’ll have a look at them later today. I think at the moment im just going to use ZB for the cloak detail. The rest i’ll just model in Max.

Lightcache, yeah its good, i wish i could draw half as well as that …

Well, looking at other entries, i may have to consider adding extra details to the concept. The competitions not about how well you realise a concept image in 3D, its about modelling, so i’m going to have to think up “extra” features …


Lol, “One, Two, Three, Force”…

That’s great.


i love british humour!!


thanks guys … glad you liked it …:slight_smile:

this is where im at just now … no ZB yet, but i did have a small play around with it on the cloak mesh and i reckon it will work out quite well (once i work it out, of course …)