HMC #17 Star Wars SteamPunk - AsaJJ Ventress


Fantastic job!! This is coming along very well. I especially like the detailing of the clothing and gloves.

I was looking at her nose for a while, and here’s my opinion on what needs to be tweaked: The nostril seems to too thin, especially on the outside. Also the nose appears to be pinched lower down so that the line coming from her eyebrows doesn’t flow into the nose like it should. Maybe also consider easing the flow into the cheek more. I’ve taken the liberty to sketch out what I’m talking about, because sometimes is easier to look at it.

I hope that this is helpful.

keep up the great work! I look forwards to seeing her completed.


Nice hat, cool design.


Update time.

Josh, thanks for the great crits, i knew there was some stuff about her face that were bothering me but i couldn’t put my finger on what, i messed with her nose,cheeks, and eye shape and size.

WyattHarris, thanks! glad your liking it ^^

also, i hated the hands i originally did so i scrapped them and did some new ones… here are a bunch of nice large images… next, light sabers!!!


I really love where this is going.

The head is too narrow, though. Heads are about five eyes wide at the temple; yours is four eyes wide. It’s less of a problem with the hat on, but I think you’ll have a better finished model if you widen it some.

I placed it over a picture of a head. The angles don’t match, but it gives you an idea. The red marks show the eye-widths for the woman in the background. The blue eye-widths are your model.

PS. I really love the hat!


DzzyJ thanks for the heads up, i hadn’t noticed that! Ive worked on the head quite a bit, I’ll put up shots soon.

right now here’s a quick render of her light sabers.


Hehe, the pistol grips are great. Nice take on the ol’ lightsaber.


Awesome work man! I love the light saber design.


Can’t wait to see the final renders of this!


here we go, the final “pretty” renders orthographic and wire frames on the final post thread !! thanks so much for watching my progress guys!!

beauty render >>>

its been wild


Congratulations, Michaele!

Great work on this HMC! Go for 3 in a row!


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