HMC #17 Star Wars SteamPunk - AsaJJ Ventress


thought id have a go at the new challenge, cause, comon how could i resist. so i will be modeling the sultry sith AsaJJ Ventress from clone wars. concept art is my own.


inspired by gun-slinger spawn?
nice choice of character. best of luck


actually a lot of inspiration came from the inquisitors in war hammer 40k but now that you mention it i see the resemblance


Love this concept! Could yield some mighty fine results.


Nice start, looking forward to more.


Hey, love the concept. Good luck luck! Subscribed for sure.


okay so obviously ive got a long way to go.

here is my very raw base as of yet, ive worked more on her head then anything else but still have a lot to do there as well.

ive attached many images of my wire frame in the hopes that i can get some feedback on my poly flow. specifically in the hands and the head. hit me guys!


more progress on the head
also, anyone have any ideas on some ways i can go abount making her skirt??


still more progress on her head… with reff pic
i need to speed things up…


looks great so far, lips look a little full from the ref pic, but if i remember the cartoon correctly , i think ur on the right lines

or is that the cartoon ur using as ref?? lol


Looking nice.
Id think out the top lip some, and soften the corners, the eyes need to be a bit more sleek too. Cant wait for more.


almost done with her head,
crits needed
and yeah, im going more off the reference of the comics then the cartoon, mixed with my own interpretation of the character.


i did some work on the corset.



Looking great! Love the corset back details!
A couple small critiques on the head as it appears in the renders.

  • While you’ve maintained a mildly cartoony look (which is neat), I think the ears could stand a bit more detailing in the centers - enough to match the detail level of the mouth, nose, eyes, etc… at least.

  • The nostrils appear pretty large - she may benefit (not respiratorally :)) from having those reduced a bit.

  • Also, the bridge of the nose is very thin - consitantly thin - the entire way down the face. Although the thinner nose fits her art style, I think it may help to widen the bridge ever so slightly as it moves down the face.

Keep it up!



Wow man, I love the details on the back. That is really coming out nice.


Great Job on the corset,good attention to detail!

I agree with MysticDread I reckon you should reduce the holes of the nostrils and slightly widen the bridge of the nose as you go to the bottom of the nose and have it thin around eye level just before it gets wide before the brow, that way you can still have anatomical correctness and still maintain the cartoon look. It’s a very slight adjustment but can really benefit your modeled face which is already looking good.


thanks for the crits and encouragement guys!

I messed with her nose a bit and worked some more on her ear, the nose still bothers me a bit but Ive been looking at it so long I’m not sure what is rubbing me wrong about it.


So, I modeled this buckle cover for her shoulder strap, the idea was to make a metal design with polished inset stones I’m not sure if I pulled that off though…


ok i haven’t posted for a while, but ive been busy! so here are some quick renders to show where i stand now.