HMC #17 - Star Wars SteamPunk - Admiral Ackbar


Hi there!

I’ve been working on this on and off the past couple of weeks. Finally I have some time over the next couple of days to finish him up!

I’m just about ready to start zBrushing.

His head is based on the nautilus marine creature. His outfit and attached gear are based on Admiral and other high ranking uniforms from around the turn of the last century.

I’ve yet to model his pocket watch and aqua tank/pipe. I imagine these will mostly be done in Maya and then brought into zBrush once ol’ Ackbie is complete.


boo frickity ya! I love admiral ackbar, and this ones shaping up nicely :slight_smile: its close to the deadline but this could be a last minute contender. Keep it up!


Its A Trap!

Love it, looking nice.


Thanks guys! Heres an update.

Next step will be posing the arms.


Now to tackle the head.


Looking nice man, i love the pose. keep it up, not much time left, but it’s doable. :smiley:


Hey Philip, just saw your final renders. Ackbar looks great!


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