HMC #16 Terminator WIP


Well, I’ve got to call this done as it is. I’ve got another project for school to do and if I don’t end this I never will… This challenge was a great experience for me, to make my sixth model ever and get good reviews is great =]. Good luck everyone, and thanks to everyone!

Software used: Maya, mentalray, Photoshop HDRShop

Time to finish: 31 hours

Beauty Renders:

High rezes:

High Rezes:

Wire Frame:

High Rez:

Thanks Again! Cheers! =]
Figured I’d model the Terminator for this challenge. Here are the reference images for the model.


Just started here is about an hour of work.


looking forward to it develop :slight_smile:


Another hour still blocking out things, scale still needs work. I’m going slow in some parts, I’m doing alot of guess work. I’ll update as I go =]


looking good thus far.


yeah i like i was tjinking to model the same.i like the start.


Thanks guys, update in a few =]


looking great so far. keep up the good work



Thanks everyone I appreciate it!

Just finished blocking out the legs. Going to start on the hands and feet.

More updates as they go =]


This is looking fantastic!

Already bringing back those memories from the first time I saw the Terminator coming out of the fire. <<Heart rate speeds several beats per minute>>

:argh: <— Half melted off skin.


i’m looking for artist into this subjects:

bio-mechanical,futurism,post nuclear era,tribalism,industrial,nuclear war,bondage…

if you want to be part of the idea , hook me up.



Doing some of the finer details on the legs. Just wanted some feedback on them please =]


Lookin Good Tim.


Termy hand =] be more soon


Indeed. Coming right along.

  • The cut in details on the covers over the legs look really nice. Right under the the upper most detail (the trapezoid shape) there is a crease which keeps catching my eye. You may want to reduce the number of edges crossing that gap to get rid of that.

  • The hand parts are looking great too. I’m looking forward to see what you do with the linkages which control the fingers - and how they connect to the wrist area. I just did a quick search for ‘Terminator Arm’ and was surprised to see how little came up detailing that area.

  • With all of those beautiful tight bevel’s in its high-res form, I can only imagine what kind of poly-count you are starting to deal with already!

Keep it up! This is exciting! :thumbsup:


Yea the crease is bugging me too, I’m sure when I got most of it done I’ll have a nice week of clean up to do. And already over a mil! I love it

I have all the linkages done on there, just a bad view to show them. Once finished I’ll have a lot of detail renders =]

Thanks for the support everyone =]


I’m having a difficult time finding reference for the wrist area. If anyone has some suggestions on how to tie these two together your more than welcome to shoot your ideas at me. Any help would be alot of help =]


Here are some ref images I used when trying to build a T800 a few years ago. I was pretty new so the model sucked, but these refs are great and took some real searching to track down.

All you're really missing is more struts coming from the underside of the wrist to the underside of the knuckles and maybe some wiring to throw in detail and make the lack of mechanical believability less visible.


I just tried to post this but I think something went wrong…

I was trying to model a T800 a few years ago, I was new so the model sucked, but these sources are the most detailed I could find of the hands.

Hope they help.


looking good so far man. you could probably get a really good close up of the wrist when Arnold shows his arm in T2