HMC #16 - Terminator 2's T800


Hello folks, first time joining the hardcore modeling challenge here, awesome theme - a tribute to the great Stan Winston

okay im going to do Sideshow toy’s T800 bust, the main reason is i was a gym buff and so arnold himself is an icon i used to worship haha

i will just try to recreate the bust - it will be a great learning experience since i never done a good likeness

my first step will be to create the underlying endoskeleton based on this

Awritey im starting off… updates in a few hours from now

ps. the links to sideshow toys busts have 360 degrees QTVR, definitely worthy reference


okay first update, not much here but thought i just post it to keep me motivated…

this is after about 5 hours…phew turns out it’s pretty hard to model… but im having fun :bounce:


Thats a good start. Was wondering would it have been easier to make the outer face first and then the skull . Guess this is an chicken and egg question.

Keep rocking.


hello KumarC, thanks for the kind words… well i was aiming to build the whole endoskeleton bust first then another layer with arnie’s deformed face outside… i thought the endoskeleton will be a great learning curve to do organic-hard-surface-ish stuff :slight_smile:

anyways spent some hours early blocking in the details and initial shape for the jaw… he looks like an old man skull without teeth hehe… so maybe teeth next… detail will come at late stage



hello folks

a little update for today, done the teeth and eyes… spines are next…

still havent smoothed the big parts… im gonna do it after im done with the base :slight_smile:



progressing very slowly with the spines, the top part hasnt been detailed, just trying to get them to look ‘hard-surface’ instead of lumpy clay… thanks to a friend who told me to use clay tube brush instead i think it looks ‘harder’ than the skull and jaw

okay base is next…



Good job!
I think that intervals of eyes of your skull are too wide.

hastalavista, Brother


hello Shimazaki-kun,

thank you for pointing that out… i guess the backdrop i was following was distorted because i flipped it in photoshop… once i get into detailing, i will keep this in mind and refer to photo refs



Howdy folks,

weew it’s been a week since i posted any progress,
i’ve been neglecting this guy far too long…but i have some progress here,

basically ive done all the parts and base, and started detailing the skull,
quite a number of stuffs left then im gonna start polypainting this guy…

then move on to arnie… 2 weeks to go, gotta get my lazy bottom working…

there’s a guy in who bought a life size endoskeleton and posted this very nice detail of the inner eye area which cannot be seen in most of the reference images out there, i thought it might be useful to the guys who’s doing endoskeleton in this challenge



after messing around with arnie for the third day, i finally got something decent to show… i really really need to practice more :argh:

i hope he’s somewhat recognizable now… still not yet close, especially from front view - i will post it when i have it tweaked later tonight

till then



howdy folks…

here’s after an hour, i thought i was gonna spend more time on him but im kinda tired and it’s 3:00 AM already…well i didnt mean to post every little bit of progress, but i’d appreciate some feedback coz looking at it after awhile it’s kinda hard to tell which part is still wrong, though i know it still is (from different angles it looks totally off)

thanks in advance,



Hello, southparx

The endoskeleton is generally very good. A tad bit too organic, and lumpy in places, but seeing how it would be underlying your Arnold Bust… I can’t see how this is too much of a problem.

As for your Arnold Bust… It’s good, but to be honest it looks more like Robert Patrick (the T-1000 for T2) I think the head needs to be generally broader, and the main masses of the face need some more definition, and volume. His forehead should be shorter, and again, broader. His nose needs to be broader (word of the day, lol) and also the volume needs to be increased. Other than what I’ve said It looks pretty good.

Nice work.


hello Steven,

yeahh the endoskeleton is still lumpy on some areas,

i just discovered Flatten Brush yesterday and tried to flatten some lumps - takes quite a lot of time to do and it could go on forever - so i thought im doing whats important first…

which is mister governor here hehe

well this is day 4 with this guy - i lost count how many hours ive been interating him sorry,

added a lot of volumes on the side of his face, the nose is definitely way too thin from the front, mouth too wide… ah yes and i know why he looks like the enemy terminator… his jaw was too small and his hair needed to be broaden more

on this pose i think im getting a pretty good progress… however it’s still really off from front and right side - which is pretty weird coz i have symmetry on haha

once i got the side all pretty much blocked in, im gonna fix the front and turn off symmetry… got better references images this time so i hope it will come out well

any input is really appreciated

till then,



howdy guys,

just finished with the endoskeleton bust…

i hope you guys like it,

oh please lemme know if there’s anything off with it before i do the turntable



i hope nobody mind im flooding the thread with the images :slight_smile:


Howdy folks,

been a bit quiet in here…

so i’m still working on the likeness of Arnold’s face… it’s not going so good right now, ive basically spent almost everyday since last week but never gotten somewhere to the point where my friends can spot who it is :sad: (especially from front view)

it’s gotten me discouraged a lot, but after talking to a friend im a little calm now knowing this is my ‘serious’ attempt on doing likeness and most unlikely i can get it right first time

so i decided to post the progress anyway - really hope you guys can drop a line or two on how to improve it… a friend mentioned he’s too skinny - but it’s really weird when i started adding more volume it looks off further and further… i’ve already basically put a backdrop image on a layer in zbrush and work my ztool on the other layer with transparent basic material - matching the placements and TRACING almost all the visible planes… but alas, still cant capture Arnold

some input is greatly appreciated

thanks in advance,


Hey there,

What you got so far is looking really good! nice job on the endoskeleton, I think you’ve got what you need there.

Arnie is coming along nice too. I will have to second the comments about the proportions of his head looking more like Robert Patrick (sp?). I think maybe the bust you’re using might be throwing you off a bit because I can see in the first image that IT seems too narrow tooi. I really think Arnie needs to have a wider head and broader jam.

Check out GhostManZombie’s thread, I think he’s got a great example of this on his Arnie model.

Anyways, great work overall, and I hope you combine these two models to make a battle damaged version :slight_smile:


Hello southparkx

i agree with jasona, i think that your reference is throwing you out off, arnold’s likeness , i think that if you get a Real reference of arnold’s and then, stilyze it for your bust… it will come out better… and also the head and the jaw is wilder

keep coming dude…



Hello Helder and Jason,

thank you guys for the critique, you guys are right, i have gathered more Arnold images and i will tweak further…

but i’m putting him aside for now, in the middle of finishing the jacket and accessories for the bust… i hope i can get all of these done today so i can come back to finishing the head, and saturday i plan to deform the face for the battle damage look

in the meantime, here’s some progress images of the jacket… i have trouble controlling the specularity of the material in zb… anyone know how?

and just for fun, i thought i just add some shotgun shells … but since i didnt do my homework well, i just saw that the shotgun shells Arnold was using in the movie was much bigger than these ‘common’ ones… haehae i guess i kinda like mine already so i dont plan to change it


okay on the next post, im gonna submit my entry - the endoskeleton bust…

a little notice, i had a harddrive malfunction a few days ago and i lost the latest progress of the endo bust - where i had little scratches and cavity added in the shader - but i think im just gonna post this one ( one version earlier )

also, since this is my first time submitting an entry in the HMC if i make any mistake, please pardon me and lemme know and i will fix it