HMC #16- Pumpkinhead


Hey long time reader first time poster, hehe… I’m going to see give Pumpkinhead a shot.

              I'm about to go out of town for a week and won't be able to work on it at all, but today I started blocking in a mesh and I think this will be a very fun challenge.
              Good luck everyone.

final update:



here’s what I have for tonight…


Good start Dave… pls post some of ref image u are using so will be able to tell better as you proceed further… the basemesh looks good at the moment! waiting for updates…


Thanks for the kind words, here are some of the primary ref images I am using…

And I tweaked the proportions some more this morning, previously the body was too wide compared to P-head’s lankier build.

Next step: fix fingers and make them longer, then finish the rest of the body and move to ZBrush.


Got the body done, gonna do a once over to make sure I didn’t miss anything and that proportions look good and then it’s time for zbrush.


edit: after, shortened torso and made lower legs thicker. Taking a little break and it’s zbrush time.


Got a little more work in tonight.


lots of Pumpkinhead !!

It will be good to see all entries for this and comparing eachother.

Your progress is going smooth already. This is gonna be a good competition for you. :buttrock:


a little more progress, will do some more work later tonight.


Here’s what I did tonight. Got the top half almost done as far as sculpting goes. Shouldn’t need to touch it much more. I also did the back, maybe I’ll throw up a pic tomorrow.

Also I drew in some eyes and teeth real quick just to make sure everything will look right.

I’m happy with how he’s coming along and am having a lot of fun with this crazy character.


Hey, this is looking cool man. Nice details on the chest. Keep going!



awesome dude … the details on torso are really awesome… keep it coming … all the best ,


I was on vacation for the past week, HENCE lack of updates.

Worked on p-head this afternoon and fleshed out the legs some more, tweaked some proportions around the shoulders and face, posed the hands.

Drew on the mouth and eye details just to see how it would look. Tonight I think I will finally model those parts in.

Next on the agenda in no particular order:
teeth/eyes/tongue modeled in
make upper leg musculature more defined
tweak hands a bit more
spray on some basic polypainting for added flavor


Allright here’s where I’m at!

Finally modelled in the teeth, tongue, and eyes. Did more detailing and refining all over, the top half is getting close to done. I think next I’ll get the claws proper and do some basic polypainting.


some more…


great , love the last updates!

Alex Oliver


Thanks Oliveira, everything in your thread is looking great too! I especially dig the predator.

He’s finally got feet! As well as some other details and basic polypaint.

next up:
detail feet
add veins in various places
start getting more details in on the backside
cook up a good alpha for the tail segments

Also maybe you have noticed I am not following my original refs too closely anymore, instead I am aiming more towards combining my previous work with features from these refs:

(and others of the Sideshow Pumpkinhead statue mentioned in antropus’s thread)


the hands are looking much better! :applause:


Got a little more work done. Veins, tail sculpt, and some more polypainting next.

Crits appreciated!


Getting close to finished here, this is what I did the past few nights.

Got veins on, more polypainting, did more work on the back, sculpted the tail some, did a first-run pose, and a bunch of tiny tweaks.

I’ll make the front of the leg look better, looks too flat right now. A little more color, and detailing on the back and tail is next. The hand could also use some additional work and I might make the claws a bit longer. Any critiques are welcome.


Wow, looks very nice. Great detailing and polypaint works superb!

Got a few minor crits, the middle finger looks slightly deformed, I know the refs look somewhat similiar, but your model is missing the tendon (hope thats the correct term for it). At least it doesnt flow that nicely along the finger onto the hand as I would think it should.

His lips are also irregular to their shape, I believe a smoother curve could improve the overall look.
And last, his forehead is missing some of that fleshyness which I like to see so much (of the best parts of the maquette imo).

Good luck