HMC #16 Predator unmasked 'one ugly mother......'


Just found out I’m not the only guy to work on this, ah well.

Very early stages so far, but evidence nontheless.

Does anyone know if there is a polygon limit?


theres no polygon limit


Really enjoying this competition. My gf was over the past few days so couldn’t really get a great deal done but will in the coming few days all going well. Its still messy and needs more detail but getting there. Its come a long way since being a block.

Here is some of the armour blocked in


Added the dreads and some more detail. Gonna added some more items like the gun and armour next and after that detail it further until its ready to be painted.


No feedback yet on any of the previous images so that’s worrying. Its taking forever adding all the little details to this guy, but I won’t stop until its as good as I can get it within the timeframe.


Come on guys, give me some C&C. If its harsh I can handle it, its still only a WIP. Help me out!!


Are you using a mouse? Or a Wacom tablet for sculpting? If your using a mouse get a tablet =]

If you have a tablet, get some sleep 'cuz your shaking really bad lol.


Haha…what’s happening is the brush keeps setting to dots on me instead of freehand. Yeah, I have a wacom intuos 3, could work without it. I’ll smooth out any of the blotchy areas when I get round to it Tim. Does anyone else have that problem in zbrush?


Each brush seems to have its own presets so it may be that every time you switch brushes its going back to a default of some kind. I’m not really sure on this but mine usually stay after I’ve changed them in session and then revert to whatever they were upon restarting ZBrush.

As for your model I’m having a hard time critiquing it. You haven’t posted any references so I’m not really sure which predator this is supposed to be. They are all different so I can’t tell. Post what reference you are using and it will be easier to compare.


@Wyatt: I’m basing it on the first predator but I’ve decided to use features from the predator in the first and second movie in the face. Might change that later, we’ll see. Below is the post I’m going for, except he’ll has his mouth open. Adding all the junk he’s carrying is taking ages and to be honest, pretty boring to model.


I haven’t posted any updates in a while now. Been away during the weekend, but making good progress on this with plenty of time remaining. Still have no idea whether or not I’m on the right track due to the lack of feedback. Still have to properly pose this guy and add some pieces along with polishing it further. One thing I’m dreading is rendering it in mental ray, with so much detail, everything is gonna be very slow unless normal mapping is used.


I think he’s turning out well, have you modeled everything besides the first posts you did in Zbrush?


Thanks Tim, I modeling everything alright. They are all detailed from simple base meshes built in max. Its very time consuming, but without zbrush it would take forever.


I think I’m almost finished now. Some polishing seems to be all that’s required. What do you think?


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