HMC #16 - Predator masked


hi,i’ll be making predator whit mask.this is the pose I may finnish whit:

gonna make first images hopefully today.


Go go i can’t w8 to see your progress and im sure its gona be amazing.

Good luck mate.


this helmet is about 90% done.


great start!!

Alex Oliver


thanks oliveira.

this is an update:

alot to do and fix

hope you like it.


Great work keep going :thumbsup:


So far so good


Armor is looking really good and I like the fit of the mask on his bony ridge.


thanx guys for your posts,it really inspires to work harder:)

anyway as you can see im modeling armor from avp.I dont really know why,maybe because whit this new armor predator is looking much stronger.plasma cannon I leaved as in 1st predator movie.I hope you like it.


Good Work , Dude…

the armor modelling looks great to me…nice details…

… i hope to see it finished…

keep it up bro…



Thank you Itsgallus.

Near is the finnish.Need to model feets,feet armor,hand,finnish arm armor,dreads and few accesories like skulls etc.And correct few meshes.
I think there will be 3 predators in scene,all whit different mask(like in AVP movie) if I’ll finnish it at all cuz there is not much time left.
Picture is taken from 3d max.Please ignore that yellow object name.


Ultra high detail on the armor, looking at the wireframe I can see why. Is the mesh for the back of the head really that dense? The wireframe turned black there’s so many polys back there :D.


Thank you WyattHarris.Yes,back of the head is really that dense,but i’ll reconstruct sub-d in z-brush.

Ok,started shading.Just an early test…armor is looking too dirty.Skulls’ materials are blin.This is armor update:


I love the way armor turned out. This looks very impresing and promising.

Keep up the great work.


The armor looks great! Especially the details… Very nice :cool:

Can’t wait to see more!


Nothing to add, from my point of view. Great work. Very good modeling. You have a good feeling for shapes and to keep the forms “movie” accurate.

Bring it on!!! And now the oily muscles. :slight_smile:

Thumbs up!!


Thanks all of you!

This model is almost done,still few things need to be modeled.

This is “clay render”.I have allready textured one,but now clay is looking better than “beauty” render…Man I hate these situations.Anyway my plan was to add 3 predators in the scene,but after 2 days I gona go to the countryside(MAYBE),so if i’ll the i’ll have no time to finnish it for sure…Well I’ve allready modeled copper and celtic bio helmets,but im not going to have time to make poses for 2 more predators.Hate skinning.
BTW image has some stupid mistakes now… im going to correct it tomorow maybe…

Hope you enjoy it.


This is really looking great . . good job :thumbsup:

Only one thing is doubtful is - his left hand . . may be a closer look can clear that out.


Came out very nice, great job on the armor.


Deepam-Thanks.Cant understand what you mean whit that hand.

WyattHarris-Thanks man!

More images: