HMC #16 Powerloader vs Alien Queen


Hey everyone,

I didn’t open this thread sooner because I wasn’t sure if I could do what I planned. So I started working and I got a base mesh of powerloader out in three days of spare time. Seems like I can finish the diaroma by the deadline if I can keep up the pace so here I join to try as well.


I thought it was yellow? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great, are you going to model the entire hanger bay or just bits?


Thanks well I think I will leave it clay materialed because I won’t have time to texture for sure :slight_smile: But there is still going to be detailing this on Zbrush.

I am also planning to model bits from hangar, like a diaroma action figure.


Hi again,

Thanks to a weekend at home, I got Ripley done and also made some detailing to Power Loader. I will probably work on these two more as I get more C&Cs, but meanwhile it’s time to start on Alien Queen (which will be quite hard for sure).



Well I started modeling Alien Queen and it’s even harder than I anticipated. I worked all weekend, started all over for 3 times, one in Zbrush, then on Maya and then back in Zbrush. At last I managed to block out the main figure but stuck on the tail this time. So I may cancel the idea of the diaroma for now and just detail and texture the power loader.

Meanwhile I want to learn, what kind of way should one follow to model queen’s tail in Zbrush?


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