HMC #16 - Penguin


i decided to enter this contest a little late but heres what i have so far,

more to come soon


Whoa thats a awesome first post. Really cool.


heres an update, i built the main clothing mesh and did a quick pose test, tell me what u think (i duno about this pose…)

ill worry about the proportions in a little bit


almost done with my first pass


looks cool.

I think you really captured the evil look…

I really like it.


This is looking beautiful !!

nicely balanced and good control over volumes.


Yes, this is very nice. Your sculpting is very good. You handled the forms very well.


thanks, heres an update:
i changed the pose for now, still kinda rough


it’s really nice, wonderful work :applause:


wow…this is awesome stuff.i hope you are gonna match this penguin to Stans version form Batman Returns…other than that great sculpt.


thanks guys, i do plan to archive the likeness of the penguin in Batman Returns, right now its kinda tough because of the lack of hair and i only really spent a couple hours on the head so far so once i go back and finish up those (plus a few surprises) hopefully itll turn out good :slight_smile:


update, added some hair and tweaked the pose. still want to push it some more tho…


Oh yes! This is brilliant. I love the hair. Really impressive model.

I hope you get a chance to texture him/it



update: tweaked some stuff and added penguins/rubberducky. ill prolly need to mess with the penguins the most. kinda finding out the final pose now, gotta build a pedastal and texture / light him as well, i only hope ill have time.


Hello Corycosper

Man… Great model and details (hair ,umbrella,penguins, pants and of course the rubberduck :buttrock: )

Keep it up dude…



Very nice. You have 10 days left, so you should have enough time to finish.

Nice work.


started the texturing process, all polypaint except the button which i did in PS. havent gotten the tone of his face quiiiiite right yet, but i think so far so good.


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