HMC#16 Penguin (Bust)


Didn’t have time to do the last challenge, but I’ve to do this one since I grew up with Stan Winston’s movie and love them.
I’m going to do just the bust of the Penguin for his unique, yet human-like features.


I’ve been gotten a lot more busy after taking on another job on top of my freelance work. However, I don’t want to give up this great opportunity to do a model of Penguin.
So here it is my start, blocking out the face in maya -


Finished the base mesh in maya, ready to take it into zbrush next:


base mesh looks good. looking forward to your sculpt.

Good luck!


Fixed the base mesh a little bit to make it less of a smile:

And here is the first little touch with Zbrush, more to come!


Realized quite some big proportional problem that didn’t match the reference after 2 hours into zbrush. Fortunately zbrush is awesome, I can move those geometry in the lowest mesh effortless and keep all the details~ :stuck_out_tongue:
Less than a week now… Still haven’t get to hair and stuffs… I need to hurry up…


Adding in some more details in the face, moving on to the hair next~


time ticking…
I’ve tried using hair sim, but I’m really too new to it… so I simply revolved curves in maya for now

I’ve take the sculpt from zbrush back into maya, and built a base for him

And he got a hat and tie now:

And some color to bring him little more life:


Finally get the renders done

Beauty Render:

Hi Res -

Hi Res -


WIP Thread:
This is a really great study of facial features and getting the likeness of the face. It was definitely a challenge, yet a fun one. I wished I could have more time to put into it though… especially on the hair and shirt


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