HMC #16 Alien Queen


I think she looks great pose rig and all.
Wonderful stuff. Only thing I notice is how you rigged her tail.
The way you’ve done it (bones?) you probably end up breaking it when you move it?

So maybe it would be better to simply use a spine bone there?
Just guessing I know I couldn’t rig a tail last I tried but
I’d definitely try a spine there next time round :slight_smile:


excellent work Markus!

a few crits, the ligaments around the mouth seem a bit over-simplified in shape, kinda look like bandages right now and not very organic, here’s a hard-to-see reference from Aliens:

The overall shader seems a bit too green, but this is really open to interpretation since shes only seen in the dark…

My biggest complaint though is there’s no slime!!!
Can’t have an alien with out the gooey-ness!!!


Cool Rig dude, as Wyattharris said, it will be a great piece on a portfolio,

it would be nice to do a video breakdown, showing all the Rig functions , and a walk/Running video.

the only thing missing now…is a killer background to do a masterpiece

keep working dude…


Guys, many, many thanks to all of you.

I know, this thread is going to be stone-old (LOL) so I´m not sure how I should continue or if I should. I don´t wanna bore anybody to death here. Anyway I got a lot other things in work by now so this will be layed on ice a bit (great, in wintertime).

To come to a more or less final output here, I show a bunch of late renderings and a couple of photoshoped pix (only smoke and minor touch up added).

So enjoy and watch out for other things to come :wink:




I think you got it right on man! I was going to say that you just need to adjust your lighting for a darker mood but you did that in the last shot. Just add a slight film grain and you’re done :slight_smile:


these are just amazing. I love every effect on every render. This material is really good for showcasing the model as well. Great!! Will be looking on to your next projects!!


Great Job! One of my favorite movies, you captured the Queen perfectly!


Just wow.

If you ever animate it, let us see it :thumbsup:


This ended up pretty amazing. You made an alien fan very happy :slight_smile:


Wow I didn’t even know you were still working on this, glad I peeked in! Looks spectacular man, I’m glad you took this model so far, it turned out hella good. Great work!


Many, many thanks again to all of You :thumbsup:

I decided once more to push the render button (yes, yes. Neverending story…) and bring you this last piece of pixelhorror :wink:

At the same time, I want to invite you to witness the growing up process of the young fellow of that lady here

At this point I want to send my best wishes to you and your families! Have nice and peaceful holidays and I wish you a good start in a hopefully lucky and successful year 2009!

And here we go:

and here a HighRes Wallpaper of the same. Please be advised, it could take longer to open!





I’ll take that as an early Christmas present. :smiley:
Great job Markus, she really came out amazing.


respect man greaet modeling


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