HMC #16 Alien Queen


It would be appalling if you don’t post your work!


Dude! Less than 2 hours left. GO!!!


Where is your final entry? :eek:


I am still at work right now, soI will not be able to post any

voting thread for at least 6 hours.

It would be a sin if you dont post your work on the voting thread.
Keep in mind it is amodeling competition, so the shading is optional.


aw man i really wanted to see the final . hope you still put it up.


Guys!!! I am soooo amazed about your encouragement, your comments, and your hard try to see, where I have left of. It makes me proud to see, that you have such interest in my work! :bowdown:


Speaking about being proud and explaining, why I left so spontaneously and without any further post, I can put into one sentence:

I wanted to make a Queen and I got a Princess!! :wink:

On Sunday morning the 14th of September, my little daughter Greta came into this world!

So please understand, that my proudness level can´t be increased nowadays.

Greta decided, as spontaneously as her father sometimes can be, to forget about the schedule and arrive a week earlier as the doctor has predicted.

My wife and our wonderfull new family member is doing very, very well and we are back from hospital now.

Please don´t judge me now as a total lunatic, because I took part at this challenge, and having a pregnant wife at home. But my wife was bussy with herself and gave me full permission, and for me it was beside the great, great opportunity to make one of my most preferred movie monsters, a very good learning process.

Yes, what did I learn at most: I have to be faster than my little girl! :slight_smile:

So again, many many thanks to all of you. I love this forum and I will take part of it and show my work as much as my time allows.

I quickly want to come back to the main subject of this thread, even when it is hard for me nowadays, to think of something else than my little majesty here.

The Queen will be finished!! I promise you! I can´t let things be unfinished anyway, untill I´m satisfied with the result.

Even when I didn´t made the submission for the challenge, the completion of this project will allways be my personal tribute to Mr. Stan Winston. It´s one of his masterpieces and I wanna embrace it.

So here a little teaser of what she looked like, when I left her:

Rendered in XSI. 4k color map and 4k normal map on 2 subd of my lowpoly

I just need info from the moderators, how I have to continue showing the progress on this project. Can I still post here or will the thread be moved to the WIP section or do I just start a new thread in the WIP? Many thanks for your help!

Again, many thanks to all of you and you may understand, that it can take a little bit, untill the next update on the Queen…my princess is waiting!


Glad to hear everything is ok ( was wondering why you dissapeared for a few)
See you next time =]


Congrats to you on the birth of your daughter and your continuation of this model!! I have to admit that I was saddened to not see this in the judging, but now we know. Good luck to you and your family.


<- Father of 4 so I know exactly what your talking about. Congratulations on the new baby girl, nothing better in this world than your wife and your kids.


Man, congratulations for your newborn daughter and for the queen, who is looking sweeeeet already! :beer:



WOW! Congratulations on the new born!!! Glad to hear all is well with you & Co.

Great work on the model!

again, Congratulations!


Congrats :slight_smile: And it’s wonderful to hear that you’ll finish this :wip:


Tim, Jay, Wyatt, Kris, Steven, Martin!

Thank you so much!!

I so appreciate!

And stunning work, what you guys did. This was an impressive HMC, and 4 weeks was a tough schedule.

Please stay tuned and I wish all of you the best in the voting process.




First, congrats about your Baby!

And about the Alien, Great work man!
I would suggest o finish the work right here in HCR.
When you are done I will spotlight it the next challenge (in either the annoucement or the results thread)


Congrats! I also was wondering what happened and glad to see that this will be finished! Looking forward to seeing her in her monsterous glory!


Congrats on both the Princess, and the Queen! Nice modeling. I never really realized how impractical the design of the Queen’s tail appears until now. Though, it’s cool looking, it is essentially just a skeleton, and has no muscles, or tendons on the outside to support it, or make it move. It’s quite a large/long part of her anatomy with no visible means of support. Being alien, their could be some explanation of how it works I suppose, but it wouldn’t seem practical from a human standpoint, at least, from what I understand of anatomy anyway. Again, nice job.


Roberto, many, many thanks to you! So I just continue here my progress.

DisturbeD2k, thank you very much. And glorious she will be. Promissed! :wink:

Webhead, thank you. I highly appreciate. Yes, the tail is actually kind of awkward and unpractical. It´s more the character of a dinosaur skeleton, than a living limp. But that what Aliens are…STANGE! Btw. H.R. Giger never liked the Queen design that much. He actually saw her to much as an dinosaur. But as we honor here the work of Stan Winston and the initial design of the Queen was anyway from James Cameron, we have to lay the opinion of the master himself by side and I think I will measure up with his creation in another thread…:wink:

So here comes a tinny (yes, yes again just teasing around) little update, cause my ladies gave me a bit free time.

I guess I finished the overall texturing and detailing process on the head, crown, mouth parts. Everything again rendered in XSI with my 4k maps. Btw, no final gathering and/or global illumination used. All adjusted through the maps and lights.

Enjoy and please be patient for further updates.





Back on track I see :slight_smile: Go go.


Hey there really cool update.
Maybe I didn’t like the stringy muscles on her mouth first time round.
As a crit they look a bit mechanical imho in a sense not organic enough even?

But seems better now and she’s really cool with her inner mouth :slight_smile:
I think I should send you congrats on the baby girl too. Cheers.


Thanks guys for your comments.

Spin99, yes the jaw muscle flesh was looking too much plastic or rubber. I fixed that a bit. But I gues I´m not final with that.

I mini update again. I´m more or less finished with the torso part.

Here a few quick render tests:

Just added a bit darker and sinister rendering

Thanks and stay tuned.