HMC #16 Alien Queen


absolutely incredible modelling so far…can’t wait to see this one finished


WOW, is this still all from modeling ? or have you started with a sculpter (x-brush)? I really like it.


Thank´s allot DaezD and speakerwizard.

@ speakerwizard: Everything you see here is 100% box- and edgeloopmodeling out of XSI. No Highpolymodeling by now.


amazing work! looks perfect to me!!

Alex Oliver


Everything moves and interacts great. So with all of this homework ahead of time are you planning for animation, cause that would be freakin’ awesome you know. :smiley:

Looking great Locusta


:buttrock: are u planing on using Xsi as your high res modeling software? :smiley: this is fantastic work so far


Thank you Alex Oliver, I highly appreciate that.

Wyatt, thank you very much. Yes, yes, the homework. AAArrrgh!! And time is running. Ah, speaking of running. Yeah, I wanna animate her. And yes, I´m totally out of my mind. ROFL. Time will tell and we will see how far I get with her. Cross your fingers, would you? :wink:

@ oneandonlyDiscoStu: (great name btw) I use XSI for all the overall polymodeling in the meaning of low-poly or midi poly range (one subd). I have than a fine mesh witch I UV layout. Than I put it into Zbrush. I will give the mesh all the levels of accuracy and fine tuning of the major sculpt and bake the normals and the displacement out with Zmapper. As I already have my UV´s, I will start to paint the textures via Polypaint within Zbrush and have than a decent texturemap that´s easily to be refined in Photoshop. That all I bring back into XSI, rigg the beauty and pose her and render…and than I drop down dead, cause all this sounds like I have still 2 month time. LOL

Ok, I guess I have to sleep a bit. All the modeling and no play make Markus a dull boy…

But at least I have now a plan what I have to do. Not bad, isn´t it?

And now a quick, little, tinny update.

I completed the crown with the lower side.

More soooon…

Good night.

:beer: (I need now one)



Wow… !!!
Great modelling dude…Excellent…

keep it up…man…


WOW! looking really good, keep the updates comming! cant wait to see more, the head is modeled superbly.


hi there Markus,

if u plan to bring it over to zb anyway, you could get away with making the ridges in zb and let it show in normal map…might save you some polycount…

very nice clean subd modeling btw :slight_smile:

all the best,


Thank you guys for your comments. I will hold on, promised!

Andrew, you are so right. Of course I could add all ridges and rib-like structures in Zb. But as I started as edgeloop model, I try to catch all the major forms already in XSI. Anyway I will bumb and displace finer details in Rendermode but I just wanna reduce my retopo as much as possible. When you say now, this is very old-school way of modeling, I say: Yes! :slight_smile:

But in my case, I just could not be that movie accurate using Zbrush in that stage. I´m very used to push and pull polys in XSI (couldn´t do it in Max or Maya to be honsest).

I´m curious by myself, what that one will turn out. Believe me :wink:

So, I found a bit time again and started with the torso.

Thanks for watching.




fantastic modeling I must say =]


As I can see your model is going to be a masterpiece when u finnish it.

Was you thinking in what pose u’ll made a beauty-final still?maybe prisoned whit those chains all over his body parts…it would be kickass.But its not my business anyway…Are you gonna texture this queen?



Wow, signed up to post in this HMC, some of the entries are fantastic! this one especially, can’t wait to see how the legs come out. Great stuff.


Hey i joined CGsociety just to look at the hulk on this but then i found out that there are challenges! but bk mon topic, are you thinking about making a complete scene with your queen?


Well, this poster here is one BIIIG Alien fan! I love the queen, so please finish this one :slight_smile:


WOW! man, that is looking awesome! keep up the wicked work :smiley:


So, weekend gone and another tinny little update.

But first, thanks again to all the nice words and comments. You push me on, and that is very, very good. Thanks!!

@ Stringas2000, many thanks. Yes, I wanna texture her. Another reason, why I still stick to XSI, to have a UV layout of my original mesh in Zbrush.

I haven´t decided by now, what pose in the final render she will do. First of all, I have to finish her. Cross your fingers for that, please :wink: But as you mentioned the chains, I guess you refered to AVP. While the AVP Queen is different to the “Aliens” Queen and was made by ADI and not Stan Winston company, I prefer to stick to the original one. This would mean, either the interiour of the atmosphere station heat exchanger level or the hanger deck of the Sulaco would be appropriate. Yeah! What am I talking of. Finish her first!! LOL.

Maybe she just get´s a simble base, like a floor piece of the Sulaco e.g.

Thanks JockRambone and nice to have you here. Yes, the legs will be the next step. :slight_smile:

@ vizard2605, thank you very much and great you found this forum. Have a nice time here and show your stuff if you want. About your Alien model, just PM me, ok? Thanks allot!

@ MartinNielsen. Many thanks. Yes, I LOVE HER!! Stay tuned!

@ RumorHazard Thanks to you. I hope I get her even more wicked in the next stages of detail.

So, here a bit of weekend work. Refined and continued the torso and started to block out the arms.

More soon.

So long.



Is this a sub-div mesh?


No, only 2steps of quick smooth in XSI over the lowpoly.