HMC #15 - Pele


Final Images:


Beauty render:

Orthographic Images:

   [[b]>>>>>Link to full size image<<<<<[/b]](

Lemme join the fun! If you are not very familiar with Pele, check this out:

ref I’m using:

My attempt at this point. I thought render was cool overcontrasted…bump is not as high as it look here.


Awesome dude! Keep it going!


Now there is a legend. Good luck with him!:thumbsup:


excellent! im glad you’re in, i really like your work. i sure keep my eyes on this one :slight_smile:


very good resemblance !!

Are you going for the full body or just for bust ?


Fantastic. Do you have any other WIP shots showing the steps to this point, I’d really like to see your progress? How long did it take to that point?

So many questions. :smiley:


:eek: no no no …omFg… thats an awesome face sculpt…and a freakin fast start…at this speed you’'ll be done by the end of this week!


fast as always man … blowing start … gud luck man :thumbsup:


hey guys, thanks for the kind replies!

TyShelton, thank you. IMHO yours is looking really really impressive :beer:

Boone, thank you!

dandan, thanks for the support!

Deepam, thanks, glad you think so! Full body is my aim…I think there is no much point in doing a bust of a soccer player…with all the cool poses you can get with full body.

WyattHarris, it took like 3 or 4 hours at that point, I invested some more minutes today refining it. I got it recorded, will post soon.

farazmobin, man you scare me with all these words :argh: End of week is almost here, I better rush, thanks!

sanketpro3d, hey dude thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy watching this wip…but you should do one yourself and you would be all set :wink:

anyways I think I’m done with the head for now…wehenver I do the comp I’ll create an expression or something.


Great progress. Love the way you have approached Pele’s hair in particular. Are you planning to model him into a pose ?


great progress, this challenge has some very impressive work.


whats ur problem man?? cant u sit still and mind ur buisness , and let others to win something on HMC ???
m serious man… thats some hateful stuff…

man that head is lookin awesome…cant wait to see the body… best of luck for the comp…


Woooow, that’s awesome work , is it all Zbrushed or you did a little base model in Max/maya/lightwave/XSI and imported??

Looking fantastic- Zbrush Veteran!!

PS: Guys, all Farazmobin was saying is that he was working fast and that he was impressed by the talent he had and was capable of delivering a Top Notch Quality product in no time. That’s all, I find nothing harsh in that, I even find it quite gentle.


kumarC, thanks man. I hope this post answers your question :smiley:

aesis412, thanks.

samarcbz, At first I thought. Who wrote such a comment, then I lookd at the name. Who could it be? :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

The-Alpha. Thanks man. Faraz and me used to be coworkers so we are just joking…:slight_smile:

blocked out pose a bit:


DDS great stuff, looks like its coming along nicely


well,the likeness is there…
…the form on the dribble is excellent…
what more can you ask? :wink:


i’m not so sure about doing the dribble pose.
imho, its kinda like a inbetween pose where it seems off-balance at some point eg.(your top right image).
Plus you might need to add another character for him to dribble across if you want to fully convey the dribble across.

May i suggest a just before goal scoring pose, it may be kinda cliche but thats what soccer is about.


Likeness is superb! Looking forward to seeing the final product. :bounce:


Great sculpt and superfast, too! :bowdown:

Keep it up!


tonytrout, stage-gr, sapienz, Jedi-Juice, prithvi thanks guys!!

sapienz thanks man! I will definitely look into it, wold be cool to have an extra character, or a leg flying around, or maybe 30 legs coming at him. Would be so funny. Good ideas.

worked on it a little more tonight.