HMC #15 - Mike Tyson


Final Images:

Beauty render:

hey guys…so heres my choice …Iron Mike

i have worked on him over the week..ill post wips in a few hrs
my workflow is going to involve creating a quick sculpt out of a simple shape(boxes), then use retopology tool to fix the mesh flow

goodluck to everyone :)


hehe, this one was obviously coming. Good luck dude, I’ll join one of these days too…can’t wait!!


yo yo yo …DDs… godamnnnn…im still having nightmares from your hmc14 entry. hope to see you soon :banghead:

i was goning to post wips in few hrs, turned out to be a few freakin days…struggling to get his face, ill keep updating from now on …anyway heres the first wip.,ill post the head wips once i start getting a better head structure …:beer:


damn i havent been posting much…been working really hard on the head and finaly getting some similarity,well mainly cos i was trying to get all of his expression and different faces along these years down to one sculpt…i have narrowed down to a few.


looking great. It has a definite likeness. I would like to see an expression on him. :slight_smile:


Great work man! I think the lips are slightly wide though.



I’m trying to make him too, but i got a lot of difficulty with Zbrush, modeling in Zbrush is very difficult for me.
Wow I have to return to work to spend a lot of hours on my model… Gloups :blush:


Wow, he looks kinda spooky with those pearly white peepers!:surprised


Spot on…awesome.


oh man it’s looking like him fo’ shizzle. Bring it on! I agree about lips…

Damn I thought ears were wrong but this guy has them stuck to the face for real, I guess someone smacked them in sometime.


wow. You very much nailed him from the frontal view. Great going.


wow !! awesome likeness man… really like the organic look on the sculpt…
the face is pretty much nailed…
this piece is gonna turn out awesome…

here r some famous quote sof mike tyson…
funny as hell man
" praise me to allah "


this is really looking great !!

just a little one - the border of nostrils is looking little sharp to me . . .

other then, good job already.


Looking good man. Keep it up.


Stunning, and you make it look easy. Great stuff.


Good stuff! Let’s see an update soon. :smiley:


thanx for all the replies guys…and really sorry for not updating the wips :sad:…i have been working on the torso for some time now,as usual its taking me time to get it presentable, heres some early blockingout of the torso…hopefully ill be updating the final upper body by the start of this week ,also side by side posing the mesh!


Looking awesome :buttrock:


Yes That’s so mastering :bowdown:


waiting 4 the rest