HMC #14 - Robocop 2


wow…this looks amazing…def can see the hardwork put in it.:drool:


Absolutly amazing!!One of my favourite entries here.Looking forward to seeing it finished.


Trenox you’re making one of the best 3D Cain I’ve seen but still, it’s not completly accurate or correct.
I’m a huge fan of this design so I want to help you make it right.
Here are some very usefull links:
You will need to create an account to gain access to this one.

This one is a must see, photos of the original stopmo puppet:

Nice try Alex Dalt!:slight_smile:


Insroo: Thx alot for those amazing refs! much better than the ones i already had. Ill do my best to get the details and proportions more right =)

No updates right now, but soon i hope :slight_smile:


This is incredible. I love it.



makes me wanna watch the movie again… lol… gettin’ nostalgic:applause:


I saw an incredible progress in ur work… that’s totally awesome !!

keep it goin…


You’re very welcome and you’re doing one hell of a job on this very complex mecha.
Try here too, Hi-rez photos of the life size Cain torso:

Hey guys! Who else is currently working on a Cain 3D model here?


I’ve been doing alot of minor changes and tweaks to the mesh due to the new references. Theres still alot of corrections to do here and there.

progress so far:

and a wireshot with my control dummies:

It sure is a tough model, but I hope I can make it to the end. I am NOT looking forward to those arms :wink:

And thx to everyone for the nice support :slight_smile:


Re: Insroo.

OMG I’ve been looking for pictures of Robocop MK II for years. Just looking at the detail on the model is insane. Man, no matter how far we go with 3D its simply no match for the real thing - especially this one! Theres something seriously cool about having the model sitting on your shelf…

Re: Trenox.

It keeps getting better. Keep going!


You’ve still got time to finish it (Just about)

Good job so far. I look forward to the finished piece …


You’re doing just great Trenox. It really feel like the real one. Keep on going!
You should check my other photos on the cain subject here:
If you’re looking for a particular view or detail just PM me.

Hi Boone!
It isn’t a model. It’s the real thing, one of the 8 stop motion puppets used by Tippett studio for the movie FX.
And yes, it’s god damn sexy!!!

Now you should see this!:wink:
My friend Gumby is building a CAIN MKII studio scale model.
Crazy stuff :drool:


Good stuff man! Very inspiring! Ok, back to my sentinel.


OMG, Insroo you are Santa Claus! Seeing those all those pictures is ****ing brilliant! The real thing!:beer:
And Gumby is nothing less than a god. His CG of Cain alone is gobsmacking but actually making a physical 1/4 scale model? Holy shit Batman!:argh:


Small update with progress on the arms.

Insroo: Really good stuff man =) It sure would be nice to get ones hands on one of those original Cain models :love:
Also that Gumby guy is one crazy dude! The pictures there also really helped - There’s even a nice shot of what the feet looks like from the bottom which is completely impossible to get from the movie stills.

hopefully more progress tomorrow…


Best screen caps I could get from the bottom of the feet (only time you see it) :


Re: Trenox.

An update nonetheless. Its all in the details.

Re: Insroo.

First time I watch that shot of the truck pulling up I just knew someone was going to die in the most horrible fashion…:eek:


Insane work! Excellent!:thumbsup:


You’re welcome my friends, it’s always a pleasure to share my interest for CAIN with other fans.
Especially if I can help in the process of building a cool 3D model with reference materials.

Boone: Heavy, loud foot steps in the truck before the ugly killing. One of my favourite scene.
Mini gun just rocks!


Say, Insroo, what have you got on the digital face of Cain? Whereas the stop motion was a new bench mark, the Digital face puppet was ground breaking…