HMC #14 - Robocop 2


thx guys =)

update on the leg:

Still some parts arent subdivided and proportions needs to be checked. Foot still needs some details also.
I use linked dummies whenever i need to rotate something in an arbitratry angle so I always have reliable pivots.
Its important to rotate the parts to more or less fit my reference so I can easier make out the proportions.

edit: 14 hours are spent on modelling in totalt at the moment.


holy crap! you´re freaking me out man!
great stuff, clean modelling and again very very impressive pace.



Very nice! This is coming along nicely! Can’t wait to see the finished product!!


It’s looking very good! You have an interesting style of modeling in that you seem to like to model in detail first and going for proportions later. I tend to try to nail the proportions first to make it easier for me later down the road. Great job nonetheless! :thumbsup:


Wow man great detailing, looks like youre going to put it into motion, cant wait to see that.


thx all!

jedi-juice: Yeah normally i would also go for proportions first but in this case I am not going for blocking out the whole thing first since i really need to see some actual progress. Also this particular model sort of allows this approach since its a compound of several parts rather than a coherent mesh. Its quite painless to rescale and adjust.

So yeah your right that its maybe not the best way to go in general but for this model it just felt like the right approach :slight_smile:

I hope to finish the legs this weekend and then im going to finalize the body/head.


Don’t get me wrong, whatever works for you is the best approach. From the looks of it, it is working damn well. :smiley: Looking forward to the next update.


Holy magoli, I didn’t realize you had made this much progress. I was wondering how you were going to handle all the complex parts but I see that is not a problem.

Good job so far.


OMG the most kickass robot in movie history. Keep going as this is a kickass effort!:beer:


Thx for all the encouragement =)

So far the legs are done, but i might tweak them slightly later on. Theres still some fine detail in there i cant make out on my references. I might have to check up on the movie again at some poiint :slight_smile:

For now its time to move on to finalize the body.


Cant wait to see this one come together. Its going to be awesome I know it.:applause:


your stuff looks wicked! looking forward to future updates, this thing is gonna be awesome!

keep up the great work


Thx =) Hope I can live up to the expectations =)

Here’s progress so far. I still need to get the head completely right as well as some of the proportions on the upper body.

20 hours spent on modelling.


Wasp/body-builder/walking nightmare. Sorted!

CHAIN GUN! NOW!:scream:


Great looking model - it’s turning out really well.


KICK ASS!! :buttrock:

That’s looking totally awesome!


M) I`ve modeled the same… but… It was about 2 mounth ago… So!

  1. Dont use meshsmooth.. Its no good. He looks like bio-robot. 2-3 chamfers.
  2. Size of some detail`s not right. watch refs.

Good luck.


Alex_dalt: thx for the input, but i beg to differ and i am going sub-d’s all the way :slight_smile:


SubD’s work perfectly, also for mechanical stuff. Just use them right :wip:


Cool Project Here, model seems good so far ,keep to post.

I always loved this film!!