HMC #14 - Robocop 2


[b]Latest update:

Reference pic

 Hi there. This is my first hard core modelling challenge. I know that some other guys here are doing this model also, but I really want to take a crack at this because its such an underrated and beatiful design with lots of intricate details.
 Original design: Phil Tippett and Craig Davies


Progress so far:

Still trying to figure out the shape of the head. Its especially important to get exactly right, but also a very tough shape. Seems to change alot depending on the camera angle :slight_smile:

Time spend so far: about 2.5 hours + maybe an hour on research.


about 4 hours spent


impressive pace!
one thing though. you´ve got quite some tris in there which result in some noticeable bumps an pinches. So you should check your topology in some areas.

besides those little things the rest looks cool and you´re off to a very good start.



Thx! and right you are :wink:

ill look into that.


More stuff. Hydraulics probably needs some tweaking. Im considering to actually rig it to make the posing stuff easier, but i want the modelling and proportions more right before going there. Its hard to find good references for that area sadly.


man you´re quick!
i also checked your website and you really got some nice stuff there.



Murks: thx man :slight_smile:

pelvis and leg area progress:


Youre making some great looking progress on this keep it up!


Lukavi: thx a bunch man =)

Heres an update. More added to the legs:


good start …

you going to rig it did you say ? that will be cool, and quite difficult i think …


Nice Job thus far.


Coming along nicely!

Looking forward to seeing this sucker all posed and lit properly (vray anyone?) :smiley:


Oh man, that’s nice! You’re almost done already and I just started…I gotta start jazzing up now :smiley:


Looks like this is going to be a good model


You better hurry, Trex… :wip: I have aaaaalready finished mine…


Thanks a lot all :slight_smile: I’ll try and post frequent updates. And i got to see the movie again last night. Thats research I can appreciate =)


definitly my favorite of the serie, very good so far…:applause:


Great progress so far! I’m really digging this. I was highly considering doing this one, but I just don’t have enough reference for it. If only I had the movie…


Great job so far, definately one of the cooler movie robots around!