HMC 14 Heavy Metal : ED-209


I chose to model the ED-209 from Robocop. Always liked it and wanted to model it for a long time. So i hope this HMC gives me the motivation I need to finish it.


and here´s my progress so far:


modeled and rendered in modo302



more progress:



not far to go then …:wink:

good start, lots of small details to model. hope you have time to finish it


well time could be of the essence here, but i´ll give my best.
You´re right, lot´s of details all over the place. I´ll have to tackle most of them once i subdivide the mesh (e.g. all those holes and bolts on the armour)



modelling steady:



good work … i think the “toe’s” need to be flatter at the sides. Yours look a bit too rounded.

otherwise its coming along nicely …:slight_smile:


well,looks like you got a nice pace with this… (unlike me hehehe)
so far everything looks nice and solid man…make sure you don’t lose the motivation :wink:


@simjoy: you´re right, i´ll change those toes when i get back to that area.
@stage-gr: thanks man. right now i have some time off before i have to start my thesis so my motivation is quite high to get things done before that.

some changes on the upper leg part:

seems like i overdid it a little with the elevating screw :shrug: coz that thing produces hell of a lot polys when smoothed


you could have 2 versions, one unsmoothed for a normal render ( no one will be able to tell that it isn’t smooth from any kind of distance, then a smoothed version for an upclose render.


it´s not that big of a problem. I have a pretty decent and up to date PC which should handle all those polys quite good.
But i ran into some weird issue with modo. so right now i´m hiding the elevating screw while modelling, to prevent my viewport from slowing down and render it with one subdivision. so i´m not really worried about it that much.
but thanks anyway.


Hey man looks really tight =)

no crits so far, keep it up.


I find that modo slows down very quickly once you have a few subdivided objects in your scene. It is my favourite modeling ap though. But for a software that boasts its efficiencty, I find it cannot handle nearly as many polys as maya or xsi. The simplicity and intuitive nature of the tools, however, more than make up for that.



@Trenox: thanks man.


started to add some detail to the leg armour.




ED-209 is a great character and this is already looking good. If I had more time spare I would have lept in with RobocopMK2…just imagine the pair of them having a punch up!:cool:

But yeah, best of luck!


wait till you get to the really detailed bits …:stuck_out_tongue:

very nice. looks like there could be several good entries for this, and there’s still a few weeks left for more …


thanks guys.

@simjoy: yeah the quantity of good entries is really impressive.

some slow progress:



hey i didn’t know that ED-209 was Jewish!!! :smiley:

nice bit of trivia we got there from your last posted image LOL


:curious: obviously i should have done a bit more research on the screws. So i probably redo them later if i feel like it.


Wow this is gona be great.Waiting for updates.