HMC #13 Louvre: Pradier - "Satyre et Bacchante"


I’m going to give a try on this one, here’s a link to a few more angles of view :
The drapery is the most frightening but hey, it’s hardcore modeling :smiley:


I’m planning to use Zbrush only, so I started with Zspheres. I don’t want to do anything with symmetry because I though I wouldn’t be able to reproduce the anatomy and expressivity of the original this way ( not that I can do it anyway, but I felt more confortable this way :wise: ).

I placed the Satyre first :

Quickly reshaped it and placed the Bacchante :

Then reshaped her :


I spent some time shaping and detailing various areas, here is what i’ve got actually ( I lowered the subdivisions because some parts are detailed and other not at all, and it gives a strange look :scream: ) :

and here is a picture to show the method I’m going to use to sculpt the Bacchante’s hair :


Looking really good so far. The poses are spot on.


Glad to read that, I wasn’t sure of it at all. I hope that I’ll be able to keep it faithful until the end :smiley: .


Looking very cool so far :thumbsup: Keep it up


looking really nice so far. It’s going to be interesting to see your work on this one


Thanks you both for your support ! :love:
I’ll probably take some time to update this Sunday.


Nice choice.
A high degree of technical difficulty compared to other entries I’ve seen - hair, fur, cloth, 4 dynamically posed hands - for which you should get extra points.


When I picked it I was just thinking “Oh, this one is cool” and now I curse myself for how stupid I have been :smiley: - and slowly realise the incredible knowledge and skill a master like Pradier had…

Here is an update showing my global progression. I actually don’t consider any part of it being finalised. The global shapes are definitives ( unless anyone spot some major inconsistencies ) but I didn’t work on anatomical subtleties yet. I am also having troubles with the faces and the fur, but I’ll come back on this later because I want to give a try on clothes.


I’ve browsed CGTalk before, particularly 3d stills, but watching this challenge is great.

So far, from a normal person’s point of veiw, it looks excellent! I can’t wait to see more progression.



When I see things like this I just want to give up with my own straight away! :] Great job!


Hmm, it looks like there are some strange indentions on his left forearm that shouldnt be there. Also, I think his forearm is too wide in general, because looking at your reference in the first post, the bottom of his forearm doesnt drop down nearly as much as your model’s does.

Also, I cant tell if the perspective is different in your latest render is off from the reference, but it looks like the satyrs head should be angled down more, and tilted to his left a bit. I think the Bacchante’s head should also be tilted to her right a little too, since in the reference you can see her left eye a lot more than you can in your render. Again, that may just be because of the angle im seeing it from though.


Nice update…

There’s something weird happening with satyr’s leg (knee area) It’s bent in an unnatural way


As ever, I don’t see the point in commenting WIPs. I prefer to wait until the person says they are done. I just assume you are going to fix anything before the end, so there’s no point in mentioning it now.
You certainly have the essence of the pose there already, and that’s a good starting point.


Thanks for your encouragements !
Next update won’t come before the weekend because I will have less free time this week.

Thanks for pointing out some of the errors that I made, I will investigate on the body parts you
mentioned :D.

I am reassured to read this, I spent a lot of time working on it on a short period, so I was afraid not having enough detachment. I feel better now :wise:.


Seriously? Whats the point in waiting until they’re done with it and cant change it? The point in making a WIP thread is to get critiques on your progress so you can know you’re going in the right direction. You should stop assuming people see the same things you do, and instead post something helpful which they may have not thought of. Critiquing something when its done doesnt help the artist at all. Critiquing it when its being worked on helps them make it better.


This isn’t the wip forum.
The threads in this hardcore modeling forum are not cries for help, but rather it’s meant to be a way of sharing your progress for less skilled people to see how it’s done.
Mini-tutorials if you like.
I think it’s more interesting to see what someone can do on their own and what their weak areas show up to be.
You’re wrong in assuming that it doesn’t help to be told where you went wrong after you’ve finished.
You can then take that knowledge on to every piece you do for the rest of your life.
I see every piece I do as nothing more than a learning exercise to improve my next one a little bit more.


Well I have no problem with comments on the WIP threads.
BTW great work so far.


Another reason I see in waiting until someone is at least mostly done, is that if you don’t and critique while it’s still WIP, you might point out issues that the artist is already aware of, since they’re still working on it.