HMC #12: Grand Buddha at Ling Shan


i decided to do the buddha at ling shan for this challenge. its my first time entering one of the HMC challenges, but im sure it will be fun.

i started to sculpt the head first to get a feel for the piece. just using a box for the base ill probably end up re-topologing it later in zbrush.


more updates soon!


So far so Kool !


heres an update with some of the clothes on. the head is not quite right yet but ill get to all that stuff soon.


awesome fabric modeling.

Im loving the idea too, keep it up!


heres an update. i started doing some tests with mental ray + ps to see what i can get as far as a gold/bronze look. i really want to push the colors in this piece and give it a somewhat styilised look. also i plan for this to take place in the near future with the idea that the temple has been abandoned and their are bums laying around and trash and stuff. should be a challenge but i think it will turn out nice.


wow, nice work, and so much already!


i just did some more tests with the overall look of the piece today. also modeled some more of the base for the statue. (not textured yet) but any imput on the composition or anything in general really is more than welcome.


wow you’re off to a running start! very cool keep it up =)


damn, looks really impressive already. It conveys the huge size already very well.

Just something, that I think is different to the original is the Head. I think it should be even a bit wider. But I’m not sure about this, because the camera angle seems to be different in the ref-pic.


thanks guys! heres another update:
(i might be done with this one soon enough to start another entry for the contest!)


Well you certainly cracked ahead on this one!, very good.
The overal impression looks very nice. A turntable would be nice to see.
Are you planning on adding the detail in the folds, and the patterns?


what up man, hows it going great progression on your challenge man, I see you still working hard man and fast, like the concept of bums laying around the abonded startue man.


nice to see ya on here cory, good progress on this man. Lighting needs some work obviously but everything else is looking good. I hope i can help by giving ya some eye to eye critique.

Critique: 1.Your eyes are slanting down on the tips, reference image isnt.
2. Your fingers need more creases between the joints compared to the image.
3. Also the seperation between the saggy pecs and the stomach needs to stand out more as shown on your reference image.

Keep it up though, your doing great so far and efficiently, hope to see some more WIPs soon.


I really like how you have the sunset/sunrise just hitting the head of the statue and allowing the rest of the image to be in shadow. Nice effect, makes your work seem less of just a model but more of a piece of art.


Hi, am agree with all, this is a very nice work and it’s wining points by the really fast updates. The only thing that i have to say is that you have to keep the focus in the details of the presentation of your work, i mean it by the thin white border of the render over the backgroud. Look up the right hand of the model… like i said, it’s just a detail but it will help to the final image presentation.
see ya :slight_smile:

sorry by my english it’s no obviously my native language


Very good modeling skills. I know this is still work in progress but here are my 2 cents, maybe it will help you or not. The head you modeled should be more round and chubbier , the neck should also be rounder and chubbier. Your head is a bit too long, try shrinking it. The lips on the real reference are rounder and luscious, I think the upper lip should be scaled up a bit. The real model looks as if she had a tiny smile on her face. Test out a render against a blue background, same as in the ref image, this way it should be easier to see areas that need more work. Great progress keep it up. Cheers.


Just an FYI:

You have THREE WEEKS until FINAL Dateline
There will NOT be any extensions.
Good Luck.


Heads up!

Roberto’s Bullhorn: HMC #12: Colossus: TWO WEEKS until FINAL Dateline



heres some final stuff:

heres the wireframes:

and the final beauty render:

heres the link to the high res: =HIGHRES=