HMC #11 - Hank the Werewolf


Final Results_____________________________

wire - front

wire - back

ortho - front

ortho - back

ortho - top

beauty shot - HIGHRES CAN BE FOUND -----HERE-----


I couldn’t decide so I did kind of a Photoshop collage ranking. Seriously I was blown away by the amount of cool concepts!!

Danielh68’s Hank concept was the most appropiate to me. Thank you :slight_smile:


heh, I like your method of choosing. Very methodical. Any ideas on how you’ll be handling the fur? I shied away from werewolves for just that reason, so you’re very brave to take it on!


awsome werewolf concept for sure great choice :thumbsup:


started base mesh:

construction shot


thanks for the comments before btw, It’s very encouraging to see comments at this stage :slight_smile:


hey DDS,

good start, i hope you wont be finish next week :eek:

danielh89, the artist, will do some orthographic views over the weekend, which i asked him for. yesterday he gave a positive reply and today i saw you already working on the concept. i decided to use the hank concept anyway, because it’s just too cool to let go :slight_smile:
i hope you dont get angry about it. i can assure you that i can hardly reach your level.

good luck! :thumbsup:

edit: question to your workflow: if i got it right, you’re modelling the polygonal base-mesh just for reference in zb, but not for scultping on it, right?


OneToe. 1st of all, thanks! Secondly, you and me are all equals that will try to achieve one goal, that’s all it matters in the competition :slight_smile: Also regarding to your question, I did a zsphere chain coz it’s the easier way of getting something rolling. Then fixed the resulting mesh and finally I re-topologized with Zbrush tools. After that I bring it to Max and check mesh is fine, chamfer some edges and tweak some proportions and then bring it back Zbrush. This is all in 1 or 2h even if it sounds really long lol :smiley:


great work so far !! :thumbsup:


No doubt about it, excellent work so far!:thumbsup:

This is gonna be great, so keep it up and dont you dare bail out on us without a finish! :wink:


duplicate post, sorry!
where’s the “delete post” button???


looking great man !
really like the torso. r u gonna finish this stuff this weekend?? slow down boy :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks for comments!!

samarcbz, I’ll finish ASAP :wink: haha


Wow, you’re really powering through this! I love the detail, and it seems like you’re getting quite a bit of definition, considering you’re not up to truly high poly counts yet. Seems like the re-topolgize tool is really coming in handy in ZB3. Can’t wait to see more!


thanks gregorioSB!!

Went up another SUBD in Zbrush and played around with hair :smiley:


Looking cool, man! My only comment at this point is that the original concept doesn’t show enough character. Use those badass ZB3 posing skills you have been toying around with and bring him to life in a spook-tacular way! (Sorry about that, I’ve always wanted to use “spook-tacular” in a sentence.) :wink:

Wait I’ve got an idea. Come to the party as this guy, and we’ll have a 3-way brawl between Lara, Indiana, and Wolfman. Delhi isn’t big enough for the 3 of us!!


wow, is that max hair and fur?

it looks freakin awesome!!!


Simply badass, that’s all I have to say right now!:thumbsup:


Wow, you are a force to be reckoned with! If that’s just playing around with hair, I cannot wait to see the fully sculpted and furred up Hank. Looking forward to seeing more!


the hair looks great !!:thumbsup:


HEY AABUT… who r u screwin man?? i know those hairs r comp. in photshop… :stuck_out_tongue: lol
kiddin man. awesoe job ov hair n fur… great work…