HMC#11 Halloween Monsters: Werewolf mid transformation


Hi guys!
That’s my version of Werewolf transformation!
Tomorrow i will post my base mesh …

I Hope you like it!!!


Very coool buddy!!
I can’t wait to see the final version!!
Keep it up!


wow! great!! great concept!

Alex Oliver


Very nice concept xD
will be a amazing work!!


Very good !!!

Better than the abelhinha !!

Good luck !!

Abs !!


Great sketch! :thumbsup:

I am especially looking forward to see this finished! :slight_smile:


awesome sktch man, really cool, m sure u gonna nail this model after lookin at ur blog :stuck_out_tongue:


wondereful concept dude! goog luck on that challenge…waiting to see more!



THANKS Guys!!! I’m very happy for the comments!!
Tomorrow a will post some images the base mesh and the model!!


Hy guys!! :thumbsup:
some images the process.
I started with the zspheres and later I will make the reconstruction…
First i 'm modeling the man and later i will sculpt the transformation and another layers.
The man is not finished…


Hey dudde, I love the concept!!
I can`t wait to see you final model =)

keep going the good work man.


Hey Walfrido thanks !!!
Your model and concept are great, man!!

Well, these pictures are the retopolgy process and the adjustments after retop…
I hope you like it!!!



great Rapha!! really love it!

Alex Oliver


very nice work, rafael.
looking forward for the transformation.



Hey man, the work is going wonderfuly! congratulations


awsome man…
nice topology and modeling!

keep it up!


Hi guys!!
oliveira - thanks alex, you model is great!!
rasmusW - hey man, thank you!
gu - thanks gustavo!!!
grassetti - e ai xara. thanks man!!
Today I’ll post more updates and some steps of transformation…
Thanks again for all!!


Hey Guys!
Sorry for the delay!
New images finally…
I’ll try to finish this model in time…
Fisrt new update for the man before trasnformation and after first steps of transformation and pose test.
The form (transformation) is just blocked!
I hope you like it!



Very nice man xD
The pose is great like the sketch, and the details of the hand and both heads are looking very good !!


It’s looking awsome… i love the new pose!
keep it up!!!