HMC# 11 : Halloween Monsters ;Gillman


Hi all ,
my choice will be the Gillman and i will do my own concept ,tomorrow i will post it here
and later move to the base mesh

Alex Oliver


héhé you are everywhere man !
Excellent can’t wait to see your progress :wink:


no idea what a Gillman is, but I can’t wait, i’m sure it’s going to be awesome :slight_smile:


man, you gotta have like a zillion hours in a day, judgeing from all the work you put out.
good luck, alex. can’t wait to see what you come up with.



oh cool to see ya here! Will be following the thread for sure!:thumbsup:


thanks all!!
here`s my concept , now i will start the sculpture

i will post updates soon;


<Mod Hat Off>


Wow, indeed!:thumbsup:


great concept…
its a bit hard to recognize the head…


Awesome concept man!:bounce:
Can’t wait to see your sculpting.


WOW!!! keep going dude. Great concept I like it.:thumbsup:


Awesome Concept, damn you rocks :buttrock:


beautiful work, alex!

i’ve been planning on doing “the creature from the black lagoon” for some time now. really looking forward to see your progress.



Awsome buddy!!!
I’m looking foward to see the scuplture!!
I don’t need to whish you good luck because I’m sure that will be great! hehe


great !
but personally i dont like the head…it look like a fish…i know you will do a great sculpt…


skulll-monster, it’s coherent it’s supposed to be a gillman :smiley:


you`re right…sorry


comon mayn m still waitin for ur freakin sculpt :stuck_out_tongue:


hi all! thanks!!

i am very busy ,but i will post the model tomorrow
heres a sketch of the heads closeup ,i did some changes and i it looks ok to me know
tomorrow i will post the base mesh




looking great man. I’m sure you will pull it off even better!