HMC #11: Halloween Monsters: Demon


hi im in…
with my demon concept…


Servus, oglu!

Nice concept, knowing your sculpting skill, I cant wait to see your first wips!:thumbsup:


hi oglu,

nice concept so far. I would maybe make the thigh a bit more muscular. Looking forward to your sculpting. Will you stick with the color for the final model? I like it a lot.




Hi oglu :scream:

I like the style and the coloration of your concept. The design of your creature looks also interesting. There are some little issues of the shapes/proportions but I’m sure you will fix that in your 3D model. Looking forward for updates :bounce:


nice concept so far, it will be interesting to see your progress while you model a whole character. :wink: do you want to texture it too or will you “only” model it?


thanks razor…
auctor yes i will stick with these color…
cral thanks ill try to fix the proportions…
kzin yes textures for this one…

so im started with the head…
pbp in xsi… time 90min…
its only the base for sculpting…


Nice edge loops! The concept looks nice. You should definitely use some human anatomy references for the top half though…and maybe some goat reference for the bottom half. Can’t wait to see the progress,…good luck!


nice loopwork. like your way of pbp modelling :thumbsup:
i would have stopped adding loops somewhere between get the rest to this stage, but maybe you work the parts successivly out. interesting…

PS: wir könnten auch gleich auf deutsch weitermachen bei der quote hier im thread :scream:


Neat progress, oglu!

OneToe, hat recht! Soviel deutschsprachige auf einem Haufen! lol :surprised


i like the your concept !


liked the concept man… best of luck


thanks guys…
modling nice loops on heads isnt so difficult…
but at bodys… i suck…

here the progress for tonight…
only polymodelling… without subD…
simple rig for the neck and the jaw…


Topology looks really clean man! Also it´s kinda dense so still a lot of frame for details. Impressive :slight_smile:


wow topology looks perfect :thumbsup:
great work
looking forward to see detail :bounce:


Heads up

HCR Modeling Halloween ONE MOTH TO GO! (Dateline is November 16th)



here we go…


Sweet progress, oglu!:thumbsup:

The head looks really sweet, as usual. :slight_smile:

With the topo of the legs, I dont really know what to tell you, as I am still trying to make sense of the anatomy. You seem to have a double heel setup there and I cant really get my head to figure out how exactely that would work with muscle attachments etc!? Other than that I suggest “Ellenberger” for excellent animal anatomy refs.



yes you are right at the moment nothing make sence… :wink:
i will try to fix that when the body is done…
maybe i model some new…


I would make the knees sharper, sticking out, now it looks like there’s no bone under the skin.
apart from that really good.


thanks ania… i will rework the forms/proportions in the sculpting pass…
this is only a rough basemesh…