Hmc#10: Shark Vs Oktopus !


Hi @ all,

here my sketch is to the topic "ANIMALS in MOTION ".


Good luck with this one! I have actually seen a video of an octopus at an aquarium killing a shark if you look on youtube or google video you may be able to find it.


here is the next update : “Mr. Octopus” :wink:


Looking good! Don’t forget to show work in progress shots on the modelling process, it’s part of the competition guidelines! :wink:


OK !
here is the modelling process :wink:


Overall it’s a nice job but this animal’s called ‘octopus’


Octo’s looking great, hope he / she wins that battle!


HI @ all :wink:
here is my next step: the shark.


Looking really good:thumbsup: I like how you have done your w.i.p’sWill you be rendering the scene in Zbrush at all?


here is the Fightposition WIP :wink:


Looking good. Nice models and interaction between them.
Looks like that octopus is going to have some shark liver for supper.


nice shark, lookin nice.
when I gazed at the thumbnail I thought the shark was wearing a suit! “now that’s an interesting animal” I thought, like a valet parking shark: “hello mister. Remora fish? Here, let me park your whale”


here the Final Seafight :Shark vs… Oktopus :wink:

…THX… for the C&C…


hey! don’t stop yet! That’s a great picture, but you really should do so photoshop post work.

I threw on a few things for an example. What do you think?



it’s great image but i think it’s missing some things:

  • Softer Reflections, or some bloom
  • The clouds look odd. they have very strong edges and don’t look volumetric
  • Work on your lightning/shading. I’m missing shadows and some kind of GI( AO would suffice i think)
  • Where is the blood coming from? Some wounds would help i guess.
  • Maybe more watersplashes

good luck.



you have to much dead space on the sides of the image. if it was up to me, I would make the img. vertical and keep the focuse on the models and the details.


thx @ all for the C&C !!!
here is now the next update.


HCR MINI-Challenge #10: Animals in Motion:Post the Final -R


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