Hmc#10: Protective Elephant


I have just finnished the 5th Earth’s Children book by Jean M. Auel, and I must say that the Mammoths in these books have fasinated me.
So I’ll make the closest animal living today, an elephant.
A parent elephant that is protecting his/her child from something dangerous.
Inspirational photo: (Thanks to noizFACTORY for providing the link to this beautiful photo;


Could you do an elephant instead.

The rules do say that the animals have to be fromthe current animal kingdom.



Oh, ok, sorry, I was just so focused on the idea of one, the rule must have slipped my mind.
Well, elephant it is. Well, atleast I wont have to think about alot of hair and fur :stuck_out_tongue:
Can you please change my thread name then? “Protective Elephant” instead please?



Good luck!


Thank you, sorry about the mess.


Wow, I wish Roberto would suggest I change my Squirrel to some similar-yet-hairless creature!Fur’n’hair is bloomin tricky - not to mention causing system crashes.:sad:

But yeah, an Elephant would be cool. Plus theres loads of wildlife documentories on the magnificient beasts. The Survival series or BBC docs are always inspirational.


Hehe, your right Boone. Good luck on the fur and modeling on your squirrel.

Ok, so I started on the legs, I am using 3d studio max 9, and I am mainly “plane-modeling” shift+drag and alot of target welding. Here is what I got so far, a little 4 step image:


The feet look excellent. Are you planning to paint a displacement map in Zbrush? If so, you should really try and keep your topology to quads only, as Zbrush goes completely MENTAL if you even have a single face with less or more than 4 sides.


Thanks alot Yav
I am not sure yet actually, the texture on an elephant is too much to model by hand, so I guess I have to, atleast if I am to have a chanse to compete with all you guys.
And yeah, so I have heard about the tri’s problem, it’s like that in Mudbox aswell. I think I have quads only so far? maybe I got blind while modeling.


A little update on the foot:


very nice, looking really good


def looks like it could protect…

keep it comin… or risin…


well if the rest of your model turns out as good as the foot, this will turn out spectacular, keep it up, looking great so far


amazing foot !!
very cool details do with traditional modeling :bounce:
looking forward to nex update :slight_smile:


Thanks alot guys. I will be gone this weekend, so there will be no progress I think.
I’ll see if I can finnish some more on him on monday.


Hey, can’t wait to see how you’ll turn this.

if you looking for some interesting view of elephant, you could check the website of Gregory Colbert
he made an excellent photographic and artistic work on the elephant and his “feeling”.
hope it could help you a bit, if you need it ^^

Look forward for more.


Thanks SweD for the comment and the link.

Here is a little update, it’s not much, but it’s something.

and a little Mudbox test, just to see how it might look like in the end.


keeping an eye on this one. that leg is looking sexy (if an elephant leg cud be sexy that is :p)


thanks perham3d, maybe I should make some sexy stockings for him.


o noes. stockings make my heart pump fast and my legs feel all wibbly wobbly. that elephant in stockings will make me pass out :stuck_out_tongue: