HMC#10: Mountain Lion


thx raffa. ur comment is always welcome u know :thumbsup:

take care man!
ill wait for your next model…


Hey Gra7! Congrats on the model. It´s getting very good. Hope to see it finished man!


Wow, great job, looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing it finished :applause:


especially like the muscles. this lion is tensed.

keep it up. :thumbsup:


Looks like we got a winner here, exellent work.
Thou Id try to post more progress images, like your base mesh creation. Helps show your though process, work flow. But aside from that its marvellous work.


thanks for all the comments… im really happy with the replies!

this weekend i hope i can find some time to work in this model…

a update in the modeling of the body… im doing the muscles more tensed than the normal animal but i will smooth when i pose the model…

again thanks for the support!
waiting for replies…

take care… c ya!


hey Rafa, as you know I´m just starting to work with you but already very glad to see your effort and talent for CgArt. This is starting great! I specially like it´s mouth . I also wish to see cool final shot with this Puma, and be part of the process as well!



right now it all feels a bit boxy and squared out! I’m especially refering to the body - the chest is the same width as the shoulders and the butt … also it seems not rounded enough towards the bottom…

  • the jaw bone’s way too sharp…

looking forward to more for sure! Keep it coming :bounce:


hey mag… thx for the help… i got what u mean…
ill try to solv it… i still need to fix some proportions… :wink:

thx a lot… c ya!


another update… fix some proportions. so many things to do…
when i pose it i smooth the muscles… :wink:

c ya!


Looking good!


the head is looking excellent, something bothers me about the body though. Seems like the anatomy is off a little in the legs.


yea man… thx for the post… im still working on the legs… :wink:

c ya


hey guys… another up
dont change so many things about the last one… just unhide the head and fix some things in the legs…
so many things to fix … can wait to put he in the pose…

take care all.. c ya!


freakin awesome gra!

only crit
think there is too many muscles on his legs
take a look at this image

i know that, theres too many fur and stuff… but you can have an idea about what im talking…

no more
as I said b4, thats A ass kicking Kitty =D

e os gringo fica tudo molhadinho ahsuehas

see ya! :applause:


hey raffa… thx man… i know what ure trying to say… i get the idea… i will smooth the muscles when i pose the model…
thats what im saying…

thats my first idea for the pose… more agressive one… protecting the territory…

comments are welcome!!



Niiice! I like it a lot!:thumbsup:

I also have to agree on funkdelic’s muscles statement though.

I am having the same issues with my tiger. It’s like he’s on a massive dose of Dianabol. lol
Very sweet work so far nonetheless!


Ha! I love the pose man, just like the image you posted.
I´ll definitely go with this pose!

keep that up!

. somehow the muscles look much better now in the pose!



Awesome!!! I really like the pose!!



Looking excellent…the pose is sweet. I wouldn’t tred into his territory!