HMC#10: Mountain Lion


This is my first HRC event and i’m very excited to be participating in this one.
I’m in the middle of another project and having a really hard time, but i will try to do a Cougar in my freetime, i really like this animal.

    here is the idea but i will try to do something more agressive!

    good luck for all!


I like the idea - well kitties are always great as far as I’m concerned :scream: Bring it on!


I love mountain lions, they are such beautiful creatures. I’ll be watching this one for sure!:thumbsup:


GoGoGo Gra! :smiley:


thx all for the replies…

thx amaury for the help with the UV

ill use zbrush for details… :thumbsup:


just started the work in zbrush!

just a print screen from the soft ill post something better l8tr…

comments are welcome :wink:

cya! :thumbsup:


Very sweet work!:thumbsup:

Only comment I have so far, compared to your reference the snout looks a wee bit short (distance from nose to eyes), but that might just be perspective.


Looking sweet…I wouldn’t want to meet up with him hiking in the woods.


Thx all for the comments…

TheRazorsEdge, thx man… it was a little bit of the perspective… but i fix it… thanks… cya!

just a little update of the head… fix some proportions and add some details… im just so busy to work in this model right now…

take care all…


Wow gra7, that looks fantastic, great muscle detail in the face, especially around the bridge of his nose and his brow, that is one pissed off kitty! keep up the good work!


BEWARE: Grasseti

thats a kick ass kitty man…

keep that up !


Nice Kitty…good stuff I hope to see more of this one


Love it! Awsome detail, very well structured…can’t wait to see the rest of the body.


Hi friend,

Please finish this model and lets make texture and some animation with this litle cat :thumbsup:



Hey Rafa,

you´re increasing your modelling skills!

Congrats man!


[b]As we all know, you´re some of greatest modelers in Brazil this days.

If you let Luciano help you out on rendering process, please let me get a ride on this project and help you with some dynamic FX on the lion´s fur, and nose mustache .

You made a great work .

Best Regards

Rodney F. da Costa



ooh looking excellent Rafael! Definitely looking forward to the whole thing :thumbsup:


it will be a great model!


Thanks for all the comments and the support guys!

Luciano and Rodney, of course u can join after the challenge is over :wink: team work! haha :thumbsup:

I dont have time to work a lot in this model i hope i can get some freetime at this weekend.
Just a little update in the low mesh.
so many things need to be fixed! and all the proportions need to be adjusted.
just a PrtSc

in this one i will first detail in the neutral pose than i make the final pose for the puma.

thx for all again!
comments are welcome…


you got a nice shape on this kitty gra, Ill w8 for the next updates for some especific comment ok?
keep it going :slight_smile: