Hmc#10: lion attacking a wildebeest


Hi all.
I have never participated in this kind of challenges before, but this one seems too much fun to miss out on.
Initially I thought about doing a lion attacking a zebra, but seeing as Animastur is allready doing such a great job on that I’ll settle for a wildebeest.
I was looking for some reference at bbc motion gallery and I found a couple of nice poses in a video clip of a lion and a zebra that I can translate to a wildebeest.
I don’t know if I have the time to finnish it, but I’ll try.
Posting this thread will definately help me push me forward.


yea… the challenge is getting nice >)

awsome sketches man…
can wait to see what u got!

c ya!


Ok… I’m in for a slow start, but here goes. This is the start of the lion’s head.


Sounds and looks great so far!:thumbsup:
Cant wait to see more.


Thanks for the comments. Here the body is ready. Now I guess it’s time to take it through Zbrush for an additional proportions pass.


I like much the drawings. Very good modeled of the lioness.
Surely that will be better than the one of post “Lion attack zebra”


Thank you, animastur. I doubt that it will be better, but hopefully I’ll manage to make it different from yours.
Here is first pass in zbrush. Only standard brushes so far. I’m not sure I like the proportions of the head and I’m not really sure if I’ll do it all i zbrush, or if I’m gonna bring it into maya, pose it there, and bring the whole thing with the wildebeest and the lion back into zbrush in the end for final detailing.


Here’s the backdrop I’ll use for modelling the wildebeest:


And now, here is the start of the body:


Here is the first pass in Zbrush. I think I’ll export the lion and the wildebeest and pose them in maya.


Ok, here are the animals “rigged” in Maya. No IK chains, only FK joints since I’ll be posing for a still image.
I’ll throw together a couple of poses and see which I like the most. -Or which you like the most… :slight_smile:


And here is the first pose:

I’m thinking about making the wildebeest bigger. Now it doesn’t look so impressive, seeing that the lion is allmost as big as the wildebeest. Oh, and it will of course get horns aswell.


looking great, first pose looks kool keep them coming!


Here it is again. The wildebeest has gotten horns and gotten bigger, and the lion has gotten teeth. Time to bring them back to zb, I guess.


Very sweet!:thumbsup:

I really like what you’ve got so far. Keep the updates coming! :arteest:


[left]Beautiful choice in body position. Great sense of action and a great mood setter. Keep it up!


Thank you all for you comments.

I know I said I’d throw out some poses, but I’ve instead become so hung up in sculpting the first pose that I completely forgot. I’ll get on it now.

Meanwhile, here’s an update.
By the way, Zbrush has this annoying habit of importing my objs as flipped across the z axis (so that they’re mirrored). Anyone else have this problem?


Edit: hrm… for those unfortunate ones who was so unlucky to get to se my original post: I apologize for the language… anywasy, hopefully this will teach me to save regularly!! … Well, well, there goes one day of work straight down the loo…


I didn’t see the original post but I know what it feels like. SAVE ALWAYS!!! What’s important is you keep going. Great progress.


Well, thanks, XTitan.
I’m usually very “good” at saving usually. But in Zbrush it’s so easy to get caught up in sculpting, that time just flies by, and then you think “hm, maybe I should save my progress… yeah, I’ll just fix this and add this stroke and then I’ll save…” and then, after a couple of strokes (or a couple of hours originally meant to be a couple of strokes) POOF. Zbrush is gone.

I think I’ll rename the shortcut on my desktop to “Ctrl-S-Brush” just as reminder when I launch it…

Here’s another pose. Not sure I like this one…