HMC #10:Kudu


I’m going to give this one a go with a Kudu.
Here’s a reference image and a couple of initial cage WIP shots. The horns are still detached.

I decided to model the Kudu with its hind legs up. This will be a running /charging pose.
Since I am going to do the detailing in ZB 2 and will not have the luxury of the posing feature of ZB3 I will keep my modeling pose symmetrical and as close to the final pose as possible to keep rigged manipulation of the mesh to a minimal. I will finish tweaking the cage in Cinema 4D and then take into Modo for more tweaks then bring it back to C4D to UV skin (via BodyPaint) and then off to ZB2 (with functional ZAppLink). I’ll do most of the mat painting in PS. The Hair will be done with C4D’s Hair.

That’s the plan anyway. I hope I can make it that far with the looming deadline.


I was close to modeling a kudu as well. Looking forward in seeing what you come up with, seeing that you did a pretty good job with that horse.


Here’s the cage (from Modo in C4D), ready for ZB2 sculpting.
I’m a ZB3/OSX holdout.:sad:

I’ve decided to use the ZB AUVs to maximize the resolution of my 4096 x 4096 tex field real-estate. I’ll use a combo of Zapplink and Bobypaints Projection Painting to do the mats on this one. The Kudu is pretty dull in coloration anyway.


dnphilo—I was checking out the ibex too.

Two steps forward, one back. I decided to pose the figure before the ZB work after all. I figure I can still use symmetry to sculpt most of it except the legs. NOW it’s on to ZB.

Latest and last base mesh update.


Nice going buddy, cant wait till you start detailing it in zbrush3.


Airflow—Unfortunately I’ll be using ZB2 instead of ZB3. I’m one of the few fools waiting for the OSX version of ZB3.

Here’s a shot of the first phase of ZB2 work. I spent more time on the head than anywhere else so far.


Great progress, are you going to keep the eye as it is or are you going to turn it into a socket and plop a sphere inside?

Oh and stop foolin around with ZB2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking excellent!:thumbsup:

The horns are perhaps a bit long in relation to the body?! On your ref shot they barely reach behind the shoulders. The neck could be a bit longer as well. Just my 2 cents! :wink:

       Thanks. I am using the eye dome in the mesh now for reference to work the eyelids around. I will make sockets and add eyeball objects.
       Yeah, I’m drooling over what I’m seeing from ZB3. ZB2 is like using a slide rule instead of a calculator (slight exaggeration :)). I’m planning on getting a MacPro by years end and will probably breakdown and put XP on it. Besides ZB3 there’s some PC only terrain generating software out there I’d like to use also.
       Thanks for the comments. I did make the horns a little long, though that perspective render exaggerates their size.  I’m deciding whether to shorten them or just represent the Kudu with the world’s longest horns :). It seems the longer Kudu horns tend to spiral back upward into another revolution attempt as mine are (still too long maybe). You’re right, the neck looks a bit short now. I also have to add more shoulder hump and lengthen the lower legs etc. Well, I’ve got lots of work to do.
    These are additional renders of the same work. I'll have updates later today.
    Thanks for the crits and comments.


While your modeling and sculpt are very nice so far, I still think your overall proportions are off, especially after looking at the recent post of ref pics.

I would say the body and neck are too short, the head too big and the legs a tad too short, but you are probably fixing a number of these issues as I am writing this. :slight_smile:

Anyways, just trying to help here. Keep up the good work!:thumbsup:


@ TheRazorsEdge

Thanks. Your crits were on the mark.
I did work the areas you commented on and more. There’s still have a ways to go.
I have to check and rework some of the muscle groups, detail the under-belly, work the hooves more, add alpha detail, etc. Oh yeah, and hair for the neck, back and tail.

Latest ZB sculpt update.


Incredible progress for such a short time frame.
Looking beautiful Bill. Cant wait to see what you can do with the c4d hair module.


Wow, yeah. This is really gonna be great. Looks like you’ve really nailed the anatomy.


Thanks Joel and pixelranger.
Joel, here’s what I’ve done so far with Cinema 4Ds Hair module. The hair in the top image looks odd because the Kudu model is not receiving shadows for that render. I still have to work the hair and blend it more. It is also converted to mesh here as well. There’s much work to do. Still have some hoof issues to iron out, pop some eyeballs in, add material and ground stuff.
—The clock is ticking.



Excellent progress!:thumbsup:

I’d still have some minor proportional crits, but never mind them at this stage and this close to the deadline.

Keep doing what you are doing, I cant wait to see your endresult!


Thanks for the comments. You’ve got my curiosity peaked. What are your proportional crits? I still have a bit of tweaking and detailing to do anyway. I know the dew claws on the hindlegs are huge. I forgot to fix them before posting the last WIP images.


Wow, great work. The pose works very well with the subject, looks like he may pop right off of the stand.

keep it up


Here are a couple of mat WIPs. I was going to use photo refs for the mats to start but decided to go the purist route and create them from scratch. I have a Photoshop fur technique that helps speed the process along. Since the critter is pretty flat, side on, I painted the symmetrical aspect of the side neck and face then laid it in using Zapplink. There’s lots to go. I have lots of detailing to do as well as creating specific mats for other channels to enhance realism. The neck back and tail hair mesh is not shown here. It will be textured separately


Looking very nice! Very well sculpted!


Thanks reedomatic and KrakenCMT. Here’s another WIP update with unpainted hair in place.