HMC #10: Animals in Motion: Horses


Hi there !
This is my first HMC too, i’m very excited to be participating in this one, even I’m so late, I’ll try to finish it in time.

Here’s some Wip, I’m currently in subd 3 :


Very nice start! Very clean modelling. I’d maybe make his chest a bit narrower (that is, the space between his front legs). And also maybe taper all of his legs abit inwards. Though this would make rigging him abit harder (orienting the joints and all). But I don’t know if you’r planning on rigging him or not…


thanks a lot for your comment pixelranger and for your help too.

I’ve make some posing and texture with zbrush of course , now I’m in subd 4.

here’s the wip.


Beautiful!! Great update! The poses are great and the proportions are very good. The chest area and front legs also look just right now that they are posed.
In the top right pose the top of the neck looks like it has a little weird bend (where it meets the head). The other ones (except for the left one on the middle row which looks kinda quirky) are really nice and dynamic. Looking forward to seeing what direction this is going in!


yes you are all right pixelranger, me too i’ve notice that lately, I’ll fix that, it left me one subd for correctin the shape of muscles…and maybe another one for veine, then I go ahead for environment.

btw thanks again pixelranger :d


Great progress!
The one thing that caught my eye immediately was the bulbous joint above the hoof (first digital joint) of the hind legs. The joint looks too inflated in the front. I really like the way you handled the front legs. Are you going to keep the tail a single textured object or are you going to create stranded hair for the tail and mane?
—Looking forward to your updates.


thanks quadart for your help, I’ll fix that

yes I’m going to create stranded hair for the tail and mane.


HCR MINI-Challenge #10: Animals in Motion:Post the Final -R


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